Please Help Me If You Can

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Help me please

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Please Help Me If You Can

"Help!" I yell.

But no one can hear.

I'm all alone.

"Help!" I yell again.

But no one comes near.

I'm all alone.

You let me die.

Faraway, somewhere far.

I yell again, don't want to die.

It's to late, you didn't help.

Well thats too bad, I guess.

Just for this,

I'll make you cry.

I'll make you suffer,

Make you die.

But when you start to yell.

For help to come to you.

I will pretend not to hear.

Not to hear the yell from you.

For you did not come to help me.

When I yelled with all my breath.

You didn't come, and I still wait.

I won't come for you.

I won't come to help you.

And even if I wanted to.

I couldn't come. Not for you.

I'm already dead.

So I guess,

your dying too.

And I guess,

I'll have to wait for you.


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