Red Bloodstains

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Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Red Bloodstains

Red blood stains the snow.

Never leaving it alone.

Your dream is dead and so is your life.

You think it's over, that it's gone.

The the pain has just begun.

Even though your heart is dead,

And ripped out of your soul.

You still breathe the helpless air.

The air that took your life away,

And made you suffer even more.

It pulled your life away, very very slow.

You tugged and pushed.

You ran and cried.

But even though you tried your best,

It's over now, the fight is dead.

Bloodstains on your hands.

Reflections mock you with every step.

Tears roll down, leaving streaks of red.

Eyes reden, and lips quiver.

You want to yell and shout.

So some could hear you, but you can't.

Your out of breath, theres no more air.

You fall, painfully hit the ground.

Red blood stains the snow.

You hear a faraway clock ticking,

And the slow beat of your heart.

Now it's over. now your gone.

A bullet hole, right through you heart.

It leaves a painful scar.

One that you can not take away.

One that mocks you,

With every step and breath you do not take.

It's over, your dead.

You can't feel the pain anymore.

But it was real, a long time ago.


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