The Nonexistent Ones

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A girl is raised in a world of horrible lies. The only constant is her mother, who knows the real reason none of the people of the United States can be identified as citizens. As the girl, named Desiree, tries to unearth the truth from a mound of junk in her head, murders occur, and the world starts to spin as she realizes that the only important thing left is a sense of identity.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



You might not want to believe me when I tell you this. You might throw this story on the ground and glare at it in disbelief and horror, trying to erase what you just learned. But I need to tell you, before they brainwash you further.

The government is destroying us.

No. Not economically, not politically, but mentally. They are eating away at our only sense of freedom. You try to speak out, they kill you. Hint at a single flaw.

Boom. Dead. Or, what they say, Missing.

I am the only one left in my family. All my siblings, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, even my distant relatives. They have all been destroyed by the one thing that doesn't exist in this shell of a world.

The truth.

I am a witness to these monstrocities at work, the ways they erase people's minds.

My name is Desiree. I am 23 years old. This is my story.


The harsh morning light finally penetrates my thread bare purple curtain hanging over my shaft of a window. AsI sit up, I feel a shooting pain vibrate through my head. Slowly and carefully, I untangle the strands of my short black hair and slip on my slippers so the cold tile floor wont disturb the warm feeling spreading throughout my toes.

"G'morning, mom." I mutter when I get to the bottom of the narrow flight of steps of our current refuge. But when I start toheat up my coffee from yesterday, I notice that no response ever reached my ears. Instead, I hear a frantic moaning!Whipping my headaround, I find my mother in the corner of the room, surrounded by fourmen in dark blue uniforms! "Mom!!" Just as I yell her name, two of the men bolt towards me. But I'm too fast and highly trained. I snatch a long-bladed knife off the kitchen counter and point the tip at them. They stop dead in their tracks.

Even though my mom is already 60, she keeps fit and knows her fair share of self defense moves too. So, when the men were distracted enough with me, she quickly pulled herself up and sliced her legs in the direction of a man with dark blonde hair. A sickening cracking sound came from his ribs, and he toppled down to the ground. The other man next to her tried to grasp her arm, but she could freely move now.

Aiming a fairly accurate punch at his right temple, her fist made contact and he fell to his knees, bleeding profusely. When his head finally hit the ground, she started to move towards me, while I was still aiming my knife at the men.

Before she could move any further, her mouth opened into a small O shape, and shestaggered a little, as if trying to regain her balance. Then, I saw a dark red stain starting to seep through the chest ofher nightgown.

My world faded. I suddenly felt dizzy, and grasped the edge of the counter for support. Tears welled up in my eyes. I let a small cry of horror out, and she dropped.The blonde man stood up from behind her, clutching his ribs, and holding a blood-covered knife. That's it. All that is left in my world is gone, it left in the course of seconds. I'm alone to face the terrors ahead of me, with no one to guide me.

Soon, anger swelled the edges of my vision, and I felt a burst of energy erupt from deep inside of me. "You'll pay for what you did. You will soon learn to lose all that you have. I. Will. Win." I yell to the men.

Looks of suprise and a hint of amusement are left in their eyes as i jut foward and stab each of them straight in the stomach. When I get to the blonde man, I punch him straight in the gut and slice his throat. Then, I spit on his colapsed body and run out the door, overwhelmed in tears and anger.

I know exactly where to go. Where to go to get revenge, to get back my life.

TheWhite House.

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