The Dark House of Nightmares

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Short story I wrote a few years ago about a girl that finds love, and has flashbacks of her friends uncle who discovers an awful secret about a forsaken house down dark lane

Submitted: April 11, 2018

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Submitted: April 11, 2018




‘Not everything is as it seems’

The Dark House of Nightmares

By Katie Elsworth

We are all scared of something whether if it is cupboards, alleyways and the dark. We don’t like to admit but we are all scared. Some people are scared to death by their dreams or stories a teachers tell you. This is how the story starts.


Many years ago a dream catcher maker use to live in Dark wood manor, down Dark lane. He had dream catchers everywhere around the house. One night he had a dream about a white colourless face with red glowing red eyes staring into his soul making him remember all the horrible things in his life. He woke to see the same colourless face with the red glowing eyes edging towards him... this wasn’t the dream. No one knows what happened to him.

The house was forsaken for years no one knew why. Until William an adolescent man decided to live there.

This is my story of how I unravelled the story of the forsaken house the ghastly dreams I get.

It all started on the night of my 17th birthday. My friends (Taylor and Katie) and I went to a restaurant as my boyfriend George couldn’t make it. On the way home I asked Taylor if she wanted to go down to dark lane, as Katie and I enjoyed it. She froze up and shock her head. After I dropped Katie off, I asked Taylor why she didn’t like Dark lane. She said no one had seen her uncle who lived there down there. After the Halloween party when we were 6 years old. So they say he disappeared on the first October full moon.


After the dream catcher maker died, people started to say he broke a dream catcher and all the creatures in the bad dreams started to leak out and came to life!!! People got scared that there dream catchers would turn into leaky dream catchers and through them away. 


It was the first full moon of October and William (Taylor’s Uncle) was having a party and we were all invited. Later he went down to the cellar to get some red wine and he didn’t come back up. No one had gone down so Taylors’s parents went to find William Taylor, Katie and I was dancing...Until they came up shocked!! They had found William dead body with claw marks across his neck with a dream catcher round his neck. They just said he was drunk and he collapsed on the stair case. But something killed him in that house and it was inhuman but no one knows where it went and who it will strike next.

I remember that night now I didn’t think he was dead. Taylor also said that no one ever investigated after his disappearance. So why don’t we I said. We both decided to meet at mid-day tomorrow at the house.


Tomorrow’s date was the day the dream catcher maker disappeared. Rumours say that every 10 years the ghost of William and the dream catcher maker give you bad dreams


When I went home I got vivid purple rucksack and started to pack I made a list:

  • Torch
  • Kitchen knifes
  • Pack lunch
  • Candles
  • Mobile phone.


Then I went to bed.

The next day I woke up put my purple shorts, pink top and black jumper on. I made breakfast. Shortly I went down to Dark wood manor when mu mobile went off. It was Taylor. Soz can’t make it family meeting up.


So I went in alone. When I walked up to the door it creaked open. All the Halloween decorations were still up. I went down to the cellar... and to my shock I found Williams body from corner to corner of the stair case.


There was something round his neck... It was one of the dream catchers. I leaned in closer and took it from his neck. Then all of a sudden I blacked out. A flash back started in my mind. I could see a white colourless face with its red glowing eyes staring at me. I woke up and realised it was a flash back. But then … I saw the same washed-out face with red glowing eyes staring at me into my soul. I turned and ran up the stairs crashing in to Halloween decorations as I headed for the door. When I got out I went home.


The next morning Taylor called me up to ask how it went. I told her what happened about the creature and she didn’t believe me she said it was the Halloween decorations. So I said meet me there in ten minutes no excuses.


10 minutes later

As I walked through the great door of dark wood manor I felt a shiver down my spine as if the colourless creatures face with its red glowing eyes knew I was back again. I walked her down to the cellar and to her shock the creature was waiting there with its red glowing eyes staring into our souls. We ran.


Taylor ran out the door and I went up the stair case to the dead end corridor.


I walked slowly down the eerie corridor having a feeling I wasn’t aloneup there. I turned to my surprise the colourless face wasn’t there all I could see was its red glowing eyes staring at me. Then the power cut. 5 minutes later the power came back and the colourless face was there. I reached for one of the kitchen knives and threw it at the fire alarm. I pulled out the matches and lit the carpet on the stairs.


I jumped over the roaring flame and out of the house. I collapsed on the grave yard floor and the flash backs started again. This time it was when William was going down stairs and the creatures razor sharp claws scrapped across his neck.


On the way home I called Taylor to see if she was all right. She asked if I wanted to go shopping and I said yes. We were in the dress shop when I was trying on a red and black dress when George called me and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner tonight. So Taylor said if you go it will take your mind off what happened today.


It was a wonderful evening until I started to freak out the washed-out face and red eyed creature appeared. It had been following me around all day. George took me home and sat on the couch hugging me asking what was wrong. So I told him what happened in the house and the flash backs, the dreamcatcher and the pale face with red glowing eyes creature. He believed me and said it was alright. So we started to watch a romance movie. It was Romeo and Juliet it was getting to the end of the film when George pulled my body closer so we were touching and hugged me even tighter than before. After the film finished I fell asleep safely in George’s arms.


There are still times when I grab the back of the chair as the flash backs start and finish. They are always the same the creature coming to get me. But luckily George is there to help me. I am still wondering where that creature came from because to me the leaky dreamcatcher doesn’t scare me much but never ever get in to something you don’t know a lot about

“The darkness can play with you”

© Copyright 2019 Katie Lilianne Elsworth. All rights reserved.

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