Dear Father

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A young girl who lives in a big city, with her dad who has a secret, a big secret. When the young girl finds out what this secret is she feels obliged to tell her father by giving him a letter.

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Submitted: January 20, 2014



Hi my name is Loren
Where I live: Unknown
Mother: Gone
Father: Unknown

My mum left us a year ago in New York, I don’t know why she left all my father told me was that she was going to find herself and that she wasn’t coming back. Whenever I would ask about her he would always say exactly the same thing. I’ve given up on him now, if I want answers I’m going to have to get them myself. When my mum left all I have ever wanted was him to be there for me, is that too much to ask? Well that was then, I have put my emotions aside, as I have learned from my father. All that matters is getting the truth out of him. And I will do anything if it gets me what I want. He’s dead to me now and soon… he’ll be dead to everyone.

Dear Father,

You might be wondering why I am calling you father and not dad, it’s because you haven’t earned this right; to be a dad you have to be there for your child. Ever since mum left, I have been relying on you more than ever to catch me when I fall or to be the shoulder for me to cry on. But like always you let me down. And instead you drag me around from country to country for your job, forcing me to depend on only me. In a way, I guess I have to thank you because I am stronger than ever now. I had written letters like this every time we travelled, desperately wanting to give it to you but too scared to see your reaction, I would rip it up and burnt it, but not this time. I’m done. I might be your daughter but I am no longer your angel, and you are no longer my hero.

That’s right, I have seen all your videos and I know all your secrets. You can’t hide things from me anymore, and for that matter you can’t hide from me. You will always be my father, but never my dad. So I guess this is goodbye… 

From Loren 

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