Bellatrix Lastrange; Part 1

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Ever woundered what it would be like to be a death eater? An inside story of Bellatrix Lastrange and her triumpfs and failiers as the Dark Lord's most humble and most deceptive Death Eater.

Submitted: December 31, 2009

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Submitted: December 31, 2009



The last time the Dark Lord rose to power…

“Bellatrix, I need you to go on an errand for me.” Lord Voldemort said.

“Yes, my Lord?” I replied, sweeping forward and bowing in front of him.

“I need you to go to this address,” he said, handing her a piece of paper with loopy hand writing on it.

“My Lord?” I questioned, wondering what it was for. “Who was the secret keeper?”

“Foolish old Albus Dumbledore, a mere act of alliegance towardshim was all it took to have him write it down and hand it to…” He turned from me, and anger raged through me thatthe death eater he now aimed his pride towards was noneSeverus Snape. I had always been better, and more loyal of a death eater than the sallow skinned competition. “…Snape.” He finished. “It is the address of the Order of the Phoenix’s headquarters. You are to capture Peter Pettigrew.”

“Yes, my Lord.” I replied, hiding a smile at the fact that I had been given a much more serious job than Severus. The Dark Lord looked at me with eyes that showed compassion for me, and despite myself, I blushed. To be the Dark Lord’s favorite death eater was one thing, but to have gained any affection from him, well, it was an honor higher than any I could imagine.

“Stay” the Dark Lord’s voice said in my head. I had known he was a great occlumist, and so I was not startled by the voice.

“You are dismissed,” He said to the large group, each of whom left in a puff of black smoke, but I stayed.

When all the black smoke had vanished, he took one step forward. “Do guard yourself against the aurors; it would be a shame to loose my most loyal death eater.”

“Of course, my Lord, but…” I bit my tongue, knowing questioning him was not a road I should take.

“Yes, I do trust Severus to be at Hogwarts, and professor Dumbledore does as well, so it is the perfect disguise, and no, I do not take any offense at your insecurity with him.” I let out my breath which I hadn’t realized I was holding. “Severus has given me the important information on Lily Potter, and it has proved to have paid off. We will see tonight if it delivers. Now go, and keep up your guard.”

“Yes, my Lord.” I said, bowing as I stepped back. Then, with a final look at him, I too left in the mist of black smoke. I thought over the meeting. I reviewed the information that Snape wasgoing to be our insider, acting as thought he were friends with the old man the Dark Lord had so propperly described as foolish. Snape's comment though, to "not hurt Lily Potter"... i was sure that he, Snape, had some other alliegances. I put the thought out of my mind as i flew into the air.

The night air was crisp, and I let my wild long hair fly out behind me. The cities flew beneath me, followed by long stretches of blackened forest and inbuilt terrain. Dark, then light, then dark, then light, all flashed below me. Finally, I recognized the wizard city of Ravenclaw. I swooped down flying between houses, until; finally, I stopped in a dark ally.

My new black robes swept behind me ad I approached an average sized two story house. I stopped by the side of the house, and waited. It didn’t take more than three minutes for the door to open. A squat man, balding even in his young age of twenty, came through the door looking very nervous. This was going to be all too easy. I watched him walk from the house, and quickly take off into the street. I pursued without any hesitation, being careful not to let any other person in the house see me. The squat man made a wrong turn, and walked down the dead end street I had just been in. I cornered him.

“Hello there.” I said icily, taking care not to put any feeling in my voice. He jumped and turned quickly, letting out a small squeak of terror. I laughed maliciously, and pulled my wand from my robes. Not taking care to use a non verbal spell, I yelled “Stupefy.” The cry rang, and the man flew back into the brick wall behind him, landing unconscious at the foot of it. Out loud this time, I repeated, “All too easy.”

I frowned at the fat man, and touched my thumb to my dark mark; calling for back up, for the man was too heavy for me to take back alone. Two figures came up behind me, and I pretended not to notice their shadows. I saw one lift his arm, and apparated right behind him. Reducto I thought, and a purple spell flew from my wand, sending the auror, who I recognized as Frank Longbottom, flying back into the brick wall as well. His wife was the second auror, and she shot a spell at me which I ducked and apparated again.

The two death eaters I had summoned arrived. Barty Crouch Junior shot a spell at Mrs. Longbottom, and she ducked it. Mr. Longbottom came out to, fully recovered from the spell. Finally, wanting to end the duel, I pointed my wand at Mrs. Longbottom, and yelled “Crucio!” She fell immediately, bowing under the weight of the unforgivable curse. She screamed, and her husband finally joined her. Together, the screamed in pain, writhing on the ground like the blood traitor scum they were. I looked to my left to see Lucius tending to tying up Pettigrew, and Crouch assisting me by torturing Mr. Longbottom. I started to laugh at the power I felt from my wand. Their screams cheered me on, until finally, when I stopped, they were left spasming and screaming. I laughed at their literal insanity, and, nodding at the other two, we took off into the skies back towards our master.


Fireworks shot around in the distance, and singing and cheering was echoing every where. My eyes were wild with fury, the black mascara I wore smeared from the tears of rage. I flew to Gordric’s Hollow, and landed in the grass of the place. I let out a frustrated scream, and ran to what had been the potter’s house. “No!” I wailed, anger and loss swelling through me. “No!” I repeated. I drew my wand in protest.

“NO!” I yelled as I pointed it at the house next to the rubble. It erupted in flame. “No!” I yelled, pointing my wand at another which also was engulfed.

I sank to my knees, the light of the fires bathing me in a glow. It was as though I were at an old funeral; at the burning of the body. “No!” I screamed louder than before, and I rose to my feet. I would take as many of them as I could.

Quickly, I flew over the houses once more in my cloud of black smoke. I shot curses down where people were cheering, but headed for the area with the most fireworks that I could see.

After about a half an hour, I landed in Hogsmead, and I shot off curses. I knew the chances were that there were aurors here, but I didn’t care. I pointed my wand at The Two Broomsticks, (It was two because it was the second building. It had once been burned down when some school boys had had a fight here.) and it erupted in flame. People turned and saw me, giving screams if they recognized my distraught face. I flung curses and hexes and anything else I could think of at them.

Finally, I felt the impact of a spell to my back, and fell forward, turning to see the auror’s gleeful face. I surrendered, laughing insanely at the people now being tended to by their family and friends.


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