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just a few shorts, i may ellaberate later, let me know how you like them.

Submitted: March 16, 2010

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Submitted: March 16, 2010



Just a few shorts, i may ellaberate on later. Let me know how you like them.

Just Relax

My bare foot stepped onto the smooth plasic that created the floor of my shower. It was warm under my toes, from the water that fell through the air in its dellicate ballet before breaking on my skin. As soon as my body was directly beneeth the spray, i let out a sigh. My lungs filled witha more humid air, and my body started to release. I looked at my toenails, staringfor a silet moment at their warm orange color. I bent down to see if my arms could reachthem, and let the warm water pound on my bent back. I allowed my fingers to trace over my nailpolish for a moment before standing strait once more. my muscels in my back had already relaxed quite a bit as i turned my face up wards towards the celling. i let the water run silky smooth through my hair.

Night Mares

It was terrifying. The bright sunny alleyway had suddenly filled with thick dark fog. I tryed to shout, but there was no answer. How could there be? I was alone. The city had been evacuated for this reason. I could as always, feel their advance. The wolves, (who are really people who work for the evil empir of the pheonix) were advancing on us. A shiver, unnatural and hair raising, ran down my spine, indicating their arrival on the ally. I could run but which direction were they coming from? No, it was better to try to melt into the foggy background. i took a step, intending to retreit so my back was against the building wall. As my foot came down on the ground, a grimy face came into veiw. The wolf i recognized as the leader stepped towards me. His eyes locked on mine, and he raised his paralynx (a gun to temporarily paralyze some one but much more powerful and accurate then a tazer) and pointed it at my chest, i took a deep breath. I watched his finger tighten on the trigger.


It was on occasion tha' a man would bestow a necklace or ring with true stones on his wife. Even rarer was it for them to be on an engagement ring. i didn't 'spect tha' much from my fiance. but for a man with nothin' but agirl to his life, well, iguess i should'a 'spected more outta him. See, we live in southern Texas. It's year1947, and theworld aint real well off righ' now. See, the crash is stillfectin' folks, and all the crops had beensent away. Now its jus' us, my husbandand i, and the few village folk who stick'round jus' to see if we'll make it through each coming year. This year though, little to my knowin', my life was 'bout to take a turn for the worst.

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