Vampirus Bellatrix

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In a world of vampires wherewolves elves, and other insane mythical creatures it is not surprising that a girl is Haunted by nightmares of her families violent murders, and when Bellatrix decides to live on her own and leaves her village behind, she finds a young man, and he helps her through her depression and terror. His presence is soothing to bellatrix, but when she realizes he is hiding something, she starts to fear for her life.

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009




Running was all that was important here. Running and running untill she passed out from exaustion. The darkness pressed in on her, crushing her, and making it harder to breath than it should have been. A peircing screem filled the air, and Bellatrix sank to the ground. It was to late, as she knew it would be. Three screams joind the first and they together were shrill and impossible to ignore. The distinct sound of a knife thudding through flesh was repeated three times, and with each, a scream gargled to a halt, untill, finally, one remained. It tore into Bellatrix's head, ripping it from all angles, it was the scream of a horrified baby boy, and finally, with a last sickening thud, his too choked off.

Bellatrix sat bolt upright in her bed, and, as she ran out of her tent, threw up on the grass by it. She walked back to the door of her tent, and without bothering to reenter, sat with her knees up on the ground, and rested her head on the tops of them. She shivered thinking of the boy's scream. It had been her brother's. He had been nineteen monthes old on the day of the attack, and her twin sisters both of whome were five and a half, and mother who was thirty, had also been murdered by the pack of muts. Where wolves and vampires had stalked their elven village for years, and one day a small pack of where wolves had gone on a raid, and Bellatrix's father, having been killed at war a few days before her brother's birth, had not been there during the raid, and it had left their family as an easy target. Bellatrix had been retrieving water from the river, and had escaped with her life. She had heard the screams, and ran back towards the village, but only found her family dead. She had been ten at the time, but already she was skilled with the sword. Bellatrix had grabbed a sword from her father's Chest of things, and ran into the village. She had jumped on the back of a wherewolf who had been about to take the life of the prince's bride, and shoved the sword through him like he was butter. he had thrown her from his back, where she had collided with a bolder that nocked her unconcious.

After she had woken in the village medical tent, and recovered fully, she had been awarded the honnor of training to be a scout. Only the bravest male elves from her village had training for this, but she had been chosen above all, and today is the leader of the top ranking scout teem. They specialized in stealth and one-shot kills with bow and arrow, or sword/dagger.

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