you're mine forever and always

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hailey was a normal girl until jake decides that hailey will be his own princess.

Table of Contents

you're mine forever and always

Hailey was a normal girl until jake decides that hailey will be his own princess. Read Chapter

Chapter 2 Recap: “let’s talk my princess” I took a sip of my orange juice not taking my eyes off the floor. I felt as if I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 Recap: I went with my heart “Hey princess breakfasts ready.” I looked over at him “I’m not hungry.” His smile... Read Chapter

Chapter: 4 Recap: I was getting sick of myself. “Jake what day is it?” “Monday why my princess?” “Just wondering that... Read Chapter

Chapter 5  I woke up in Jakes arms why did every time I fall asleep or pass out I wake up near him or on him I was over this. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter: 6 Recap: “What kind of rules?” I looked up in his eyes this time. “Well of course there are rules you didn’t hon... Read Chapter

Chapter: 7 Recap: “Five minutes go.” With every ring my heart beat quickened I couldn’t believe I was going to be able to t... Read Chapter

Chapter: 8 Recap: He opened the door and led me out it felt so good to feel the sun again I smiled for the first time out of happines... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Recap: I nodded and closed my eyes and drifted to sleep and never wanting to wake up. After that nothing blackness it... Read Chapter

Chapter:10   Recap: MY wish was that he would kill me, but i knew we wouldn't he loved me and he would do anything to make m... Read Chapter

Chapter: 11 Recap: “I had a family” Jake said. What did that mean? Should I ask Jake I mean if it was something bad he would ... Read Chapter

Chapter: 12 Recap: I soon fell asleep on his shoulder and darkness engulfed my vision and thoughts. Visions filled my mind and th... Read Chapter

Chapter: 13 Recap: I could this day was going to be a long one. As soon as we got to the kitchen Jake began cooking: eggs and toa... Read Chapter

Chapter: 14 I balled my body up into the corner tears where streaming down my face. Jake had a commanding stand above me I was afraid... Read Chapter

  Chapter: 15 I just starred up at Jake I couldn’t think straight. “Sorry I just...” “You’re just what?!... Read Chapter

The questioning went on for two more days I told them everything; his name, what his house looked like, His story about his family, every... Read Chapter

Chapter 18:  After a week of homework, classes and thousands of questions later it was finally Friday. Going through my normal m... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 At exactly six Aundria was at my door; the pervious hours alone left me crying and confused. I vowed to keep this informat... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 “I’m so sorry Aundria I never meant for this to happen to you.” I sobbed into her shoulder. “Who is that Haile... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 “Wake up! Time to move!” “Jake?” I whisper “Where am I?” The room was extremely cold and dirty. “Exa... Read Chapter