Seven Days of the Weak-Hearted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

relapsing love

It’s Monday morning, I see your face

Through the sleepy fog in my eyes

My head is still dazed from my weekend

Of sleep deprivation and getting over you

The words “I don’t love you anymore”

Are engraved in every crease on my ear

You walk past me as if I’m just

An unknown face in the background of your dreams

I feel nothing, and I smile


Tuesday at noon I don’t know where you are

A part of you starts to cross my mind

But stops in the middle with no motivation to move further

I wonder what you’re up to

And what you’re wondering as well

I can’t help but hope to cross your mind too

The warning signs on that path must have held me back


Wednesday at three I notice you ahead

My windows race down, my music yells louder

Lyrics full of unrequited love I once felt

Escape the car as I keep my cool

Hoping to catch any bit of acknowledgement

Not even a glance can be stolen

You’re good at keeping your cool


Thursday evening, your name is on my phone

I push it away but my fingers are black holes

And pull your typed words in

You ask how I’m feeling; I tell you I’m fine

That’s no lie

As you tell me your fairytale reality

I wait for my happily ever after


Friday morning, you’re in my thoughts again

I can’t seem to recall the plot of my dream

But you were there

And I never wanted to wake up

The day feels so long

As if every word you’ve said to me

Adds one more minute

I feel you completely wrapped around my mind

Clinging on like you have nowhere else to go

Please go; I can’t fall another time

My skin is already covered in bruises that won’t heal


Friday night; I can’t sleep

The memories of the past year

Both good and bad

Float around my room

Like haunting souls that died from heartbreak

Dreams were once a place I could escape of you

But not even a coma could put me at ease


Now it’s the weekend; I have a new secret

I’m in love again… or still

Don’t tell a soul. I’ll keep this locked up

Because when Monday returns I’ll be over you again

Only for the week

Submitted: November 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 katiecatrose. All rights reserved.

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