Direction to Perfection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This one is short. I would like to add more.

Ceramic queens in vanity jeans

Swarming to the altar of numbers

Perfection - their goal

Deprivation - their soul

Fat girl deep inside left to slumber

A fragile existence, a porcelain doll

Any sustenance withers away

Thin on the mind

Hungry all the time

Only bones and pride can stay

Submitted: May 13, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Katiedid. All rights reserved.

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oh boy so sad the scores of people this covers you know? Simple vanity can go to extremes if it isn't seen for what it is I guess.
Nice writing Katiedid ^_^

Tue, May 13th, 2008 11:02pm

Classy Peach

Certainly this isn't autobiographical for you. Porcelin dolls break so easily, and writers do not break easily. You are a writer.

Wed, May 14th, 2008 3:47am


this is awesome!

Wed, May 14th, 2008 7:29pm


This was so sad. I like the line about the altar of numbers, I feel it perfectly describes the fixation mainstream society has on weight. I include myself in this, so don't think I'm preachin'!

Stephanee :)

Thu, May 15th, 2008 1:46am

half chewed pen

oops this has turned into a wierd weird comment ..proof that you words(this poem)does open door ways of thought.aaaaahh
I think sometimes that We as humans sell ourselves short, because we do not know our own value in the great scheme of things.
If the sum of all your possessions could be exchanged back into the personal componants of your life time that it took you to save earn or acquire them .
would you swamp them back.?
In any society the average going rate for the hour of ones life is the minimum wage of that society.
work spans approximately 40 years of a persons life .. if they earnt 24,000(pounds) a year and were able to save all (without interest) it would still be less than one million there lifes worth of work is worth .Society is set up so the cost of living is compative to earnings you can always only just about manage to pay for all you desires ..hence the ridiculous national debt and the credit crunch/stomp applied ..we are tricked in to spending so as to be forced into labour.then as a comfort we consume even more ..vicious cycles
Internally the more we are spread out the more deflated we we try and fill the void with what ever we can sink our teeth into.

Thu, May 15th, 2008 2:55am


Happy to open a door :)

Thu, May 15th, 2008 9:43am

Adeline Meyer

this is amazing! I'm in one of those age groups where this is a common theme among my peers...mass kudos!

Thu, May 15th, 2008 9:08pm

Casey Bell

great way of wording it. wonderful job

Fri, May 16th, 2008 2:51am


i have gone through this phase and it hurts so much....

wow katie, u have helped so many of us see the truth...

please do add more to this....

Fri, May 16th, 2008 6:59pm


This is a great poem! Good work!!! I detest how much pressure the media puts on girls to be stupidly thin. Skinny...
Anyway, nice poem! :D

Fri, May 16th, 2008 7:39pm

October O

Fabulous poem with real bite ( sorry - really didn't mean that as a pun!).Liked this a great deal.

Fri, May 16th, 2008 11:39pm


Wise word there katiedid, lots of girl have ideas of changing their looks, and I earned monet from my looks and body for years so I know a lot about that.

Sat, May 17th, 2008 11:48am

Susan Hartline Fouts

Great poem. Overweight people have just as much to contribute, but other people look at them differently. Vanity vanity all is vanity

Mon, June 9th, 2008 10:58am

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