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Submitted: April 21, 2009

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Submitted: April 21, 2009



What is this world we're living in?
Each action dictated by the next,
Working in perfect rhythm up until that major breaking point.
Aren't we all just made up of flesh and bone and the willingness to feel?
What else could we be categorized in?
Isn't this human race just a bunch of animals locked together in a higher superiority?

This world has been turned from a place of naked to a place of confinement.
Where we were all once able to roam freely, feel freely, love freely.
But now everything’s set on laws and morals.
We're not the same race from one hundred years ago,
But colder.

We are everything we've tried avoiding.
Shoved into relations we can't stomach.
Longing to see the one person who can make our

Hearts race like adrenaline was pierced through your vein.
Where you go to bed sobbing into your sheets because the one next to you,
Isn't the one you fell asleep with for the past twenty years.

Who are we becoming?
This unmoved state of specie where everything grows wrong.
This unmasked stage of caution because everything, everything’s to afraid to take that step
Into the indifferent.
Because taking the step into the unknown, can only lead to something we all despise..


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