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A re-arrangement of the American dream.

Submitted: January 21, 2010

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Submitted: January 21, 2010



There is a place, the United States. and in this place, a lot of houses. Each one of these houses are lined with white picket fences and contain five; Mom, Dad, big sis, lil’ bro, and little tiny puppy; all happy and alive. Dinner is at 6, and every night the sun sets at seven, isn’t this after all, everyone’s heaven? Business- man by day, family man by night, little brother plays catch with his dad, and everything’s all right. “Isn’t life grand, with this money in hand,” darling wife asks perfect husband. She knew she met her dreamboat after the second date, wouldn’t you know it, he’s never been late. Decisions are talked about in this place, always resolved with mysterious grace. All people are welcome, citizenship not required, all people can have what is truly desired. “Down below on the “social ladder” you have to remember to ignore the clatter; no problems, don’t worry, with some effort and scurry, you’ll climb up there, you can even hurry. Slow paced is our nation, with time to step back, no problems and no worries, about losing our tact. The mountains are made of gold and the trees, dollar bills. Oh, lets not forget about the miracle pills. Name the object, you can own it, and no one will ask just how you got it. Secrets do not exist, lies are unheard of, and every politician is so well deserved. This is a country where we are all one, and nobody would think to shoot off a gun. While anger is absent, each smile is meant, and every darn person celebrates lent. Each with a dime, there is very little crime, and no one is so sad that they cannot get out of bed. POOF and it’s gone; this dream took too long, what was that sound, did it come from the ground? Just a rumble, a crumble, a total collapse, did we focus on our needs, and forget about our lacks? What is the dream that we all want to be, what is the vision that we can’t seem to all see? Where is the line, the one to be seen, the dream, or the goal, is there a place in between? What are those places, the buildings in the distance? Where are the trees, the birds, even bees? The wives are all working, but where are the men? Oh…off to serve in another war again. Who is taking care of the children then? Not her, not him. So then who? If it’s not me, or you, surely it can’t be the public schools? There’s not enough time to teach all that needs taught, and if parents can’t help, children might rot. What is this place, that exists on the new, but forgets about the old, which is important too. Where does the waste go, from everything they use, “it’s easier to throw away than recycle” they often muse. What about the planet, do these persons not know, that when we run out of sources, we’ll have no where to go. Reduce, reuse, recycle, such a good concept, but we produce, use up, discard, which is totally inept. Many make the assumption; we are a place of consumption, a selfish nation, with too much creation. Too much input, with very little out-put, how do we deserve, to rule the world? Lazy Americans, what fun are they, wanting a break, but constantly at play. Millions of dollars are not for millions of scholars, but athletes can buy 600 pairs of shoes for their feet. Coal and fire is no longer reminiscent of a ‘grill’, but the diamonds in his teeth sure are a thrill. Made up are minds, that money does bind, and this causes many to be unkind. What about him, that guy over there, the one who likes to help people, but can’t get his fair share? He came from the distance-wanting freedom in an instance, but all’s he can feel…is that this dream is just not real. Free to decide to take a chance, but what happens when you can’t afford to buy pants. Get back up, don’t back down, you have the freedom to move to another town. Try again, do it right, and you might just reach the stars tonight. Learning is yearning, and painful, yet sweet, so who really cares if you get beat. Why does it matter what others think, even though we all share food, and the water we drink. Who is at fault for the change in the state, of the fantasy so many have come to just hate? It’s not safe to claim, that there is nobody to blame, we put up a front, like it’s some kind of stunt. Politicians keep secrets; people have no clue, as they believe most anything that comes from the tube. The ideas people have, as to what they want to reach, are commonly lost, with-in this American dream. After dreams have surprisingly not come true, sadness can be felt, as though their will to succeed, had slowly begun to melt. New Years offers a time to make resolution, but even this usually is not part of the solution, as it’s sad to see so many faces, lost among their dream places. They say goals set should be medium sized, not too big or too synthesized. If this is the case, why does it seem, that so may of us have lost that gleam? All over the nation, different views and perceptions, some see the money and get an erection. Others however, just a few of the clever, know that life would be nothing, with out some desire. If dreams could come true, would everything be worth it, the good times too? Happy comes from being satisfied, dealing with what comes to be, and taking something from this fact may help you to see. Comfort for a child, after a nightmare gone- wild, is the common; “they are not real, as dreams can’t come true, so there is no reason to be sad and blue”. This being that, should it not be, that we should focus goals, and forget about the dreams? Now this is not to say, that dreams should completely be kept at bay. We all need a push, a shove, a little aspiration, or nothing we do would seem worth recognition. Desire is life, we have a lot of strife, but if we could have everything, would life have that zing? A dream is a perception, it can be real or fake, things are what they are, simply what you make. It depresses many, when they go to a town, try to make ends meet, but are only beat. Depending on who as well as what you know, has an effect on how far you can go. Taking a glimpse, from another place, it would appear as “perfect united states.” One thing must be told, as it is possibly true, this is the land with less than a clue. Come perhaps with a dream, live entirely for a goal, you may just live life as a story being told. If you must have a dream, and can’t have a goal, be careful or you might end up in a hole. Now it is true, what we teach our young, what is sprung from our tongue, can give them a clue. Hold yourself high, proud to just be, and let your goals guide just what you can see. Just be more aware, show a little more care, you can do most of what you want, if you dare. Don’t contemplate the state of what dreams are failing, or you will soon find yourself wailing. Living here in this country, lucky you, lucky me, not everyone has such great opportunity. Follow your heart and pay attention to your dreams, but don’t let your goals burst at the seams. If you so believe, that dreams can come true, be sure to teach the fact that it’s all up to you. Red America, Blue America, it’s all the same, the bowls been a-mixin’, we are one in this game. I think at this point, it’s safe to say, the state of this dream, is complete disarray.

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