Kiillers Mishap

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story about a girl and dream

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013




 In the night, I heard a strange noise coming form the basement. I ran to Mom and Dad to find they were gone! I ran to Kims room and Jacks they were both gone. I didnt know what to do. I thought I was in my house, but I didnt recognize it any more, it had white walls with blood all over them. Then I walked in what I thought was my room and found mom and dad hung form the wall DEAD; like some dead animal trophy! I screamed, and then ran out to the living room to find some guy standing in the doorway. I ran to the den to look for a phone. I picked up the phone but there was no dial tone!! So I ran to the bathroom to climb out the window, so I could climb down the tree. I thought ii locked the door but I didnt the door slowly creaked open, but there was no one there!! I ran and there was everyone watching a movie. Then mom woke me up because she heard me scream and ran to me. Thank god it was only a dream. So I thought.


Chapter 2

So there I was three days later I was walking to school and saw the same house form my dream. I kept walking along after school I went home to find mom and dad gone Kim and Jack stayed after school so I thought. Four hours passed and mom and dad were still gone!So went up to bed and woke up the next morning still no one was home. I walked to school I passed that same house, I stopped to look at it and was wondering were mom and dad could be? Then I saw moms car in the driveway of the house. I ran to the house and up to the room were they were in my dream. Nothing then I ran to the den and found a trap door! I opened it and crawled inside to find half the town hanging on the walls of the dark damp basement. There was mom and dad and Kim and Jack pinned up with the rest of them. I started to cry then I ran out side I was an orphan I called the cops to come and investigate the whole thing. They found a guy with gun shots to his head the killer of the towns people and my family had took his own life. Then a nice lady took me in. to live with her So I thought.


Chapter 3

Well that nice lady that took me in wasnt so nice after all. I could only eat once a day, and it was some water and stale bread. She made me watch a tape on how to be a good killer every day for a year. Then my step mom made me kill our pet rabbits and cats the way they showed on the tape. I did what she told me; then she told me I was ready I asked ready for what? To kill. She made me kill ten people she hated and everyone she wanted dead. Then I was old enough to run way from her. I had no more contact with her. Then I got a weird call/ it was some strange man I didnt recognize the voice. I then asked who it was the man said he was Nick that cant be thats my dads name and he is dead. The man said to come to Oakridge thats were my wicked step mom lives. I asked why and he replied there was some unfinished business with my step mom and to come as quick as I could. He then told me to go to N74532 Hangmans Drive. I hung up the phone and packed some things and left I got there and realized that it was the house from my dreams. The same house where my family died and all the others.


Chapter 4

I slowly walked up the driveway. As I suddenly got a cold chill that ran form the top of my head down to my toes. I went up to knock on the doors on the big oak doors that stood in front of me. I went to reach door the doorbell when I saw a slimily hand hanging off the door it must have been the door knocker. But before I could reach itthe door slowly opened into the spooky house; so I walked in and saw nothing buttotal darkness I took a few steps forward then the big oak doors slam shut behind me. I started feeling slimily hands grabbing me. I started to scream but nothing came out. Then all of a sudden the light came on real faintly and then I saw it was not slimily hands on me but four cops and my wicked step mom. She was telling them that I killed all the people down in that hole below that trap door. I started screaming liar, liar the cops just garbed me and put me in there waiting car behind the house. Later that day they took me to court were they sentenced me to the electric chair. So I hope you read this before I die to change there mind! Maria M. Smith, influenced me to kill I was only ten years old when I moved in with her I didnt know any better.


Chapter 5

They put me in the chair and strapped me in. then they strapped a wet sponge on my forehead. They were about to start when my step mom said STOP!!! She said I told her to kill but, the people in the dark hole in that house some other creature did that. The executioners undid the straps and arrested my step mom. She was sentenced to ten years in prison with out any chance of parole. A year after I wanted to find out what had really happened to my family and the other people. I went to the library for blueprints of the house and to find out who all lived there. I found out that three people lived there Andy Smith was the first who lived there. I looked and found that he was Marias brother. He killed my family and all the peoples but why. She said because I had that dream of the house, and I was perfect for her plan to kill everyone because I was young and I didnt know any better. She had her brother kill my family so she could have me kill. She later made her brother more people so it wont look so bad. Then she told him to kill him self so know would found out. How did she know I had the dream I never found out. She ended up hanging her self the next day. But when they came to check on her she was gone!!!!

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