Suicide Note

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its a story called Suicide Note and its about a guy writing to his lover

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



I need help! All I want to do is die. Thats all I think about is death I want to die and leave this cruel world. I just hate it here all the people on this planet hate me I must die. Kill me now so I dont have to suffer any more. Just kill me, get it over with please just do it, end it all before I do it myself. Now I got the gun next to me.  All I have to do is grab it and its all over.  Should I do it? Should I blow my brains out? NO Im going to stay on this dumb planet and live a good life yea right Im going to do it. Well here it goes BAM. Wow that didnt work is I still here and I alive yet. Darn I it, it didnt work now I have to face everyone the next day at school what do I do, do I tell them I was in an accident? No I tell them the truth. No I lie. No I try it all again. No I look at your sweet face and say its not worth dieing for. Leaving this world is selfish and mean to all that love me. Well Im going to face my fears and live can I do it?  I dont know if I can hold on that long. These people are so mean they call me names and throw things at me. What did I do to them? What did I do to make my life a living Hell? Do I deserve this? Am I a bad person? Do I really want to die? No I want to stay here and live a good live all I have to do is look at you and I drown in your eyes and your soul and remember its not worth it I love you . You are my world. I couldnt be so selfish to you because I know how much you love me too. I dont know what to do. Do I stay or do I go? I stay and hold u close so close that I can feel your heart beat thru mine I love you I could never let you go. My love is so strong that Im still here in this rotten world. Should we leave together so we can be together or should we let life live its course? We leave together who are we hurting? We wont hurt each other but we hurt are families and everyone else. Im going to do it Im going to go through with it. Im going to kill myself so I dont have to take any more of this pain. The pain that I had sense I met you the love of the pain grows stronger every day. Do I do just to be an ass? Do I do for fun? Do I do it because there is no other way out? Wait; there is a way out through the tunnel and to the light. No though the open doors to your arms that the right way out, though the doors to you.  Will you be there when I come through them doors? Will you be there to make sure I made it? Do u feel the same as I do, when you look in my eyes do you look so far down that you can see my soul too. When I look at you I see the true you. You can fool some people but u cant fool me I know the real you. I dont want you to go with me. If I try to go will u pull me back? I hope that you are saying yes to all theses. If not then we are not meant to be. But, if I know you like I say I do you are said yes in a heart beat if you say you love me like you say you do we should be ok. If not then Im leaving this world. Im saying good bye right now. Tell me that u love me before I go, before I end it all. Bring me back to reality did u say it? Did u say it and mean it? Do u really love me? Are you just saying it so I dont go though with it? If you really love me profit show me that u can end your life for me and that you love me so much you would die with out me. Can you do it? Can you just end it all right now just for me? Are you that devoted to me? If so do, do right now. NO wait dont end your life for me. I love u so much that I'm asking way to much dont do for me do it because you want to. Do because youre like me and think thats the only way out but we both know there is a better way out, to each other that is my way out to you, and that can be your way out if you want it to be?  I know that I cant live with out you but can I live with you? Yes, I can I live with you till the day I die witch might be soon if I don't get some help.  I need you by my side every day and night to easy the pain of life. I need you to make every evil thing in the world go away, away for us you and me. Take these crazy thoughts out of my mind and throw them away far, far away so far that I could never have these thoughts again and all I think about is you and me and you can I do this? Im I strong enough to stay here on this world? Yes, I am I think I can do it. I might need help getting it done I cant do it alone I need you to help me though this. You help me and I help you we can work together on this we need each other to get it done

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