Why I am Scared of the Woods

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a girl dies in the woods

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013




I'm afraid of the woods

Its was a hot summer night when i lost by best friend, this is how it happened : on a Saturday she was taking a walk to clear her mind because her dad was getting re married to a witch. She was in the woods right by her house but what she didn't know was that there in the woods lived some drunks and a wolf. so she walked on i till it was night time. She walked to the drunks. They asked her why she was out in the woods so late? she didn't answer she just keep walking that made them mad so they grabed her by the arm and slaped her acrossed her face. Another  punched her in the stomach and every were else. She started to say I  was taking a walk and got lost. they said your ours now then one said your cuite then they all ganged up on her and raped her after they were done they left her to die because she had to many injurys she could hardly move and the wolf came and bit her leg off and gave her rabies. her dad loved her so he called the police they found her and took her to the hopital were she lay in intesive care were she dies in her dads arms he walked to the waiting room were the whole family was crying they all knew that she died tomorrow is the funeral and im afraid to go.

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