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Ginny and Harry want a nice quiet day to themselves. Will they get one? Yeah right! Quick note: I never write stories about the war, I never kill Fred. In my stories Lord Voldy never happened.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Chapter 1.

Ginny rolled on top of Harry and kissed him sweetly. Harry smiled as he kissed her back. She smiled and pulled back just a little.

\"Isn't this a nice way to spend the day?\"

\"A very nice way.\"

Harry flipped them over so now he laid above her. He kissed her gently and started kissing his way down her neck. She moaned with pleasure, a sign that meant continue. Just as he was about to their bedroom door bursted opened. The two jumped apart and covered themselves.

\"Tell your brother he is nuts!\"

Ginny looked at Hermione Granger then at her brother Fred.

\"Really guys?!\"

\"Ginny! Are you naked? Harry are you naked? Oh my eyes!\"

Fred covered his face as he fell to his knees wailing,

\"My eyes! My eyes!\"

Hermione glared at Fred.

\"At least they're having sex! We haven't had sex in nine months Fred!\"

Ginny looked at Harry,who's face was as bright as her hair.

\"Tell him he's crazy!\"

Ginny sighed and looked at Hermione. Hermione was nine months pregnant. When she did finally pop they couldn't have sex for another two months. Ginny grabbed her dress which she had woren last night to the Burrows. A dark blue maxi dress.

She slipped it on and slowly stood up.

\"You're crazy Fred.\"

Ginny put her hand on her growing six month bump and walked to Hermione.

\"Let's get some tea.\"

\"And brownies?\"


\"And maybe some muffins.\"


\"Oh and some....\"

\"Okay, okay.\"

Ginny ushered Hermione out of the room, which left Fred and Harry alone.

\"The baby making sex weird?\"

Fred nodded.

\"Its like a weird gross threesome!\"

Harry turned sickly shade of pale. Fred looked at his brother-in-law and nodded.

\"Yeah I know! Then also I worry I'm hurting him. Like my penis is pounding into his head.\"

Harry leaned against the headboard looking sicker and sicker. He and Ginny were never having sex again!

& & &

Ginny and Hermione sat at the kitchen table sipping tea and eating their brownies, muffins, pie, and fried eggs.

\"So Fred doesn't want to have sex with you?\"

Hermione nodded.

\"Yeah! He thinks he's hurting the baby.\"

\"That's stupid.\"

\"I know.\"

The girls shook their heads and sighed.

\"So how is Evangeline?\"

Ginny smiled happily as she rubbed her stomach.

\"Healthy and growing every day. How is Peter?\"

Hermione beamed happily as she rubbed her stomach.

\"Coming soon.\"

The girls rubbed each others stomach smiling and laughing as each of them felt the others baby kick.

\"Back on the whole no sex thing, I think that when he finally wants sex you deny him of it. Fake to be tired or busy.\"

\"Ginny Weasley you are the most cunning girl I know!\"

& & &

\"Maybe we're just being stupid.\"

Harry nodded. Having no sex with Ginny was like being asked to not breath.


The boys nodded and high-fived each other.

\"I want sex with Hermione right now!\"

\"I want sex with Ginny right now!\"

The bedroom door opened and Ginny stuck her head inside.

\"You're gonna have to wait. Hermione's water just broke.\"

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