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We all know that everything, from the sub atomic particle to the giant super clusters exist within the universe but there are many histories and mysteries of universe that we have to look out. This poem is dedicated to that universe which we see and look, the planets of solar system, galaxies, stars, origin of cosmos, cosmonauts,etc. is included in the poem.

Submitted: August 15, 2014

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Submitted: August 15, 2014




Nobody knows this,
That how big the universe is
How much will it expand
Or how more it will condense

Our answer is hidden in its history
And to know that we have to find the mystery
There are billion, million not hundreds
All stars have their births and deaths

This all is the matter of heavy masses
Where took a great explosion of gases
By the force of gravity together the planets hang
And the theory with an explosion named ‘big bang’

The number of planets in solar system are eight
Due to gravity the mass changes to weight
The nature of every planet is different
So we can’t make any of them regret

Planets like Mercury, Venus and mars exist over there
But life can exist only on Earth over here
Solar system has its own history and fortune
So there are planets like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

The planet Jupiter is a unique gift
And is at the number of fifth
It is the biggest one and massive
It has a giant red spot which we can’t forgive

Written by:- Siddharth Jangir

© Copyright 2019 siddharth jangir. All rights reserved.

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