His footsteps coming calmly down the narrow hallway bounced from wall to wall and directly to my ears. It was late my mom was not home and he was obviously very aware that I would be alone tonight. Quietly, I grabbed the remote aimed it at the television and lowered the volume. I could hear the steps gaining closer and closer to the bedroom in which I resided. I bit my lip unintentionally, drawing a substantial amount of blood into my mouth. Usually I would gag at the metallic taste but tonight was different. I had a primal need to survive this night and my thoughts only consisted of how on earth I would do that. Considering his strength and massive amount of intelligence about predator and prey, survival seemed impossible. Jumping up from my bed I crept slowly behind the door with my crucifix hanging Prominently around my neck. I was ready to put up one hell of a fight. I pushed my back so close up against the wall I thought that I might sink into it. The footsteps were right outside my door now and I listened intently for any sound that he might be entering, but I heard nothing. I peeked through the tiny crack in the door frame, his solid black combat boots where planted firmly just before the carpeting of my room. He was taunting me. He loved this game of cat and mouse and he played very well. Tears pricked the back of my eyes but I forced them away. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing me scared. I was no longer the helpless little girl he'd taken advantage of. I could hear his rigid breathing, it started out slowly and grew quicker as moments passed. I knew why he was here, he was angry I'd ran from him last night, he despised when I ran from him. He was here to punish me as he always did after I disobeyed him. His cologne hung in the air with it's sweet, musky aroma filling my nose, I'd grown quite fond of his scent, I'd know it anywhere. The tapping of his fingers on the door frame next to my head snapped me out of my daze and sent a jolt through my body. I lurched froward pushing the door closed and backing away from it. His deep menacing laugh became audible and I thrust the crucifix out in front of me. The nob began to shake and so did my body. He threw the door open so hard that the nob made an indent in the wall behind it. My eyes lifted from the floor up his tall muscular body, he was every women's wet dream, but I knew better. He smirked at the cross I welded in front of me, showing the deep dimple in his left cheek. \"You think that's going to help you, my love?\" He spoke, his voice deep but soft as he showed no apprehension and stepped confidently into the room.

Submitted: September 22, 2015

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