My Brown Eyed Guy.

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TRUE story about how i met my dick head boyfriend at a performing arts camp. and how either tho he is a huge dick to me i am madly inlove with him.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



Chapter one.


I walk off the bus onto the green grass i know too well. People crowded around us hugging one another laughing and crying the camera men dancing around video tapping us. I smile, Oh Long Lake the place where i always have felt accepted in some sort of way. After we all did row call met our councelers and our campies and went through orientation we had our annual ice cream social. My friends Nicole and Julia pushed me to get in line. I looked around the crowded cafeteria. Everyone was laughing as councelers sprayed whip cream on them and as peoples ice cream bowls were over flowing with cherries sprinkles and chocolate chips. We all ate our ice cream and left the crazy cafeteria laughing all the way back to our cabin.

The next couple days were the same as they always are at camp Long Lake For the Performing arts. I got into a musical called “The rocky horror picture show” my director was Sam who i swear is gay. Every where you went on camp you could see people with either a guitar ukeale or a script or song book in thier hands. It was only the 4th day of camp when i met him. I was walking down the hill to the beach with my friend Nicole. She was ranting on about how her and her boyfriend had a huge fight and how shes trying to get over him.

“Joey! Peter! Tomas!” she called over to three boys on lawn chairs.

“hey!” they all shouted back to her. I of course didn’t know these boys so we went over.

“This is my friend kat.” Nicole said gesturing over to me.

“Peter” said a semi-short blonde kid who looked like a surfer.

“Tomas” said a spanish black haired boy a little taller than peter.

“I’m Joe.” said a tall brown haired and brown eyed boy with a amazing white smile. I knew he would be trouble so ill just stay away. we sat down and started talking about everything and nothing. Joey was funny, and every cute.

“Joe, can i try on your sun glasses?” Nicole said batting her eye lashes clearly flirting.

“NO! do you know how much these cost?!” he shouted back

“Can i?” i asked sheepliy.

“Sure” he answered handing me his sun glasses. You could tell nicole was mad.





It was Friday. Friday’s at a performing arts camp meant only one thing. Rock night. The music is blasting people dancing in the slutiest cloths they could find in their suit cases. Oh come on live a little was always the motto. I was fist pumping as usual with everyone I knew which is half the camp cause at long lake everyone is friends with everyone. I stopped for a little to get some fresh air and walked outside into teh cool summer air. Joe came up to my side and said somthing funny i couldnt understand. I swear we talked all night. That was the first night he held my hand that the rush of electricity went through me and i smiled. We said our good-byes with a friendly hug and walked off. The next day woke up in a rush. The bells ring for breakfast at 7:30 am of course me being a try hard always woke up at 6 am so i could get a hot shower before everyone takes all of the water.

I got my tape player and my warm up tapes my vocal teacher did the pleasure of making me and my sheet music and went down to the piano shack i did my warm up which took forever and sat at the piano and started playing. i sung out the first verse of the song from my favorite musical Le Mes. I was singing “On My Own” tonight for the camp. It was a song i could relate it in many ways. its about a girl who loved a guy but he loved another girl and how she loves him on her own and shit like tht... I love ther song./ My hands flew accros the keyboard as i sung out my last note. the breakfast bell rand i gathered my stuff and waled toward the dining hall.

We all walked into the stage area and sat down i was the 2nd to last act. so i had time. i was sitting next to my friend nicole and joe. later throught the show i couldnt help but realize joes arm slip around her sholders and her snuggle up against him. I died. My whole world stopped. I wanted to run away, somewhere where i couldnt be found and cry. but my name was called up to the stage i sang my song

“on my own pretending hes beside me all alone i walk with him till morning with out him i feel his arms around me and when i lose my way i close my eyes and he has found me....”

I had tears down my eyes half way through. I ended and the whole area of 1,000 people stood up and clapped the only ones not standing were joe and nicole.

I found out nicole liked him. i was positive he liked her. but yet he also acted like he liked me. I started to get into writing. Poems, Pros, /Hikus. shit like tht. I got so into it and i wrote so much the creative writing girl started to print them and hang them up. I pourded my heart into those writing. I mnever held back. some days later i noticed joe starting to be distant with nicole and payoing more and more attention to me. i thought maybe iwts just c ause im sad and hes my friends but whatever. It was here when i was wrong. we were walking back from a show called “Aiida” and he said he needed to talk to me. He waited for everyone to pass by look me straight in the eyes and said

“I love you.” I didnt know what to do. I started to cry and he hugged me. Its like i was five and got the newest barbie doll. No. it was more than tht. when i got a hjold of myself he kissed me. not too long or too short. but it was the best damn kiss ive ever had. and then he said once again “i love you” and walked away.





The next day i woke up happy. I thought it was all a dream but then realized it wasnt. it was real. I was dancing and singing around my dorm room got dressed had breakfast went to rehersals and then lunch then went to go work on my painting in the fab (fine arts center). arms went around me and whispered in my ear to meet them by the lake at 6th period. I knew it was joe. who else? i did as i was told and waited 3 long periods to meet up with him. I walked down the steep hill to the lake and saw joe i walked over and he hugged me and we walked off. we sat down on 2 lawn chairs far away from the camp. and talked. We decided for our relationship to be a secrcet considering we had 4 days left togather and 3 of those days our parents would be here. he said goobye and went to go take a nap. We werent suppose to tell anyone. But me being a dumb ass i am told my best friend georgie. who told the whole camp. joe thought it was me and was instantly pissed and told me he hated me and never talked to me again.

In Long Lake you can stay for 3 weeks 6 weeks or 9. i stayed for 6 while joe and all my other friends stayed for 3. they all left including joe who i havent spoke to in 5 days. didnt even say goodbye. I was more depressed than ever the last 3 weeks i was there. It was my own personal hell tht was costimized just for me. everywhere every place had an memory. that haunted me.

When the 3 weeks ended i got home and go on Facebook to see i had 102 friend requests most from Long lakers and some from my friends i met on a crusie awhile back. I also had 230 messages. all from Joe saying how sorry he was and how much he missed me etc.. i messaged him back and today we are still saying i love you. gotta love your 7 month long dick head boyfriend.


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