When the World Ends.

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Leena has always known she wasn't ordinary, but what does it take for her to find out what she is? Does she have to face death? Or does she have to witness someone she loves dying? Either way won't be pretty...

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



What a beautiful day it was, the day the bombs were dropped. And I mean this literally.

April 1, 2011, a Friday.

Not a cloud was in the sky, not a tear on anyone’s face. At least, not yet. It was only morning and I was heading to school with high hopes. Nothing bad can happen, not on April Fool’s Day. Sure, people will be out doing pranks, I was actually off to do one myself, but that will come at lunch, and we’re not quite there yet.

So, it’s about eight o’clock in the morning, and so far everything is well. I wait outside the school building with my friends, while stealing glances with Mason, a guy. He’s just some guy, I tell myself. The guy that you plan to prank to hide your true feelings for him. I roll my eyes at his face he makes that was his lame attempt to make me laugh.

“Who, or what, are you rolling your eyes at, Leena.” My best friend Roxanne, whom I nicknamed Roxy, said when she noticed it.

“What?” I say, snapping my head back towards the group. “Oh, nothing, no one. I just thought of something very peculiar. We live on a fenced in base, and everyone seems to feel safer, but…” I start to say. But I stop, knowing what I might say would scare everyone and have them think I’m some type of suicide bomber. Who would think I was that stupid? Oh yeah, that’s right, everyone.

“’But’ what? Come on, tell us Lee, tell us.”

“Some people feel too safe, Roxy, and they don’t take any precautions.” I tried to say it with a straight face, but ended up giggling when I thought about why I really rolled my eyes. Mason kept giving me goo-goo eyes. The first few times I laughed, but that was at the beginning of the school year. Later that same day he gave me a necklace he claims he found on the ground. It was a gold chain with a gold leaf pendant. That first week everyone said that he liked me and I never wore it, but after that I started to wear it every day; it started to feel special and made me feel special when I wore it around my neck.

I actually don’t know why he gave it to me; it’s given me nothing but trouble since that day. It’s not a me versus the kids at school type of fight though. It’s a me versus the reason why he gave me the necklace problem. And I really do not know why.

“So what you’re saying is that you think terrorist are going to attack one day?”

“Well, when you put it that way, and consider the roof of the school is basically a beacon for haters, then yes, yes I do. I mean, think about it. You can’t just paint an American flag on the roof of a school in a foreign country and expect people to leave it alone. Sooner or later the haters will flash their hate, and it will not be pretty, I guarantee.” I said, looking over back at Mason, who was now dancing like an idiot in his little posse. I rolled my eyes again, this time caught by Roxy, who looked over to the direction I was looking.

“No way!” She exclaimed.

“Shut up.” I managed to say before she screamed out her new discovery.

“You like--” She shut up when she saw my mouth open again.

“Yes,” I blurted out, letting my truthful side take the fall of this one. Sadly, my little devil didn’t want this to be the secret that got spread across the school in a heartbeat. “No,” It said, then the human part of me snuck into the brawl of emotions I like to call my teenage years. “Maybe, I actually don’t know! He’s not my type,” I looked over at him. He was wearing his sporty basketball shorts and had a T-shirt that had pictures displaying what he would do if he had one more math problem to do. Then looking at his face he had that pretty boy jaw and deep, beautiful features. He had piercing dark brown eyes and hair that was about three shades lighter. He was definitely the tall, dark, and handsome I’ve been looking for. “But then again, he’s sweet and funny. And he hasn’t had a girlfriend all school year, and I think he’s waiting for that special someone, just like I am.”

“Maybe you need a makeover girlie.” Roxy said sighing while she looked over at some girls trying to flirt with him. “But ew, him of all people? He’s extremely awkward, and I think he has a little bromance going on with Matthew.” We looked back at them and it looked as if Mason was making his goo-goo eyes at Matt this time, and not me. But after further investigation I knew it was me.

“Yeah, you believe that. I’ll believe what I know is true and obvious.” I said as the bell rung and everyone started to rush into the building. I walked passed Mason, and I’m not sure if I imagined it, but his fingers tried to entwine with mine before being torn apart by the double doors split. I was pushed further back in the crowd while he was ahead; looking back at me with a weak smile that said to me that someday everything would be over. All the drama in school would end and we wouldn’t have to worry about clique barriers.

If only he knew that today was that someday and he was in store for something horrible.

I decided by the time it was lunch that I would most definitely put my plan in action, and got out the piece of paper I was going to hand to him. A very cliché prank, but hey, fun is fun as long as you enjoy it.

I took a deep breath and scanned the courtyard for Mason, Roxy doing the same. We probably looked like secret agents trying to find one of our allies to give some secret to. When I found him, I noticed he was with his goofball friends Matthew, Seth, and Derek, and after clearing that he won’t be that embarrassed with my bestie, I walked up and handed him the paper and said “Call me.”

He got a grin on his face and I rejoiced with my group of three girls. “I feel like a total jerk now! I so shouldn’t have done that.” I said, slapping my forehead with my palm.

“Wait, turn around and look.” I turned around to see Mason’s friends gathering around him as he opened up the note that said “Ha-ha, you’ve been fooled! Happy April Fool’s day” signed with a heart and a smiley face. He looked back at me with no readable expression, I was too far away anyway, turned around, and ripped up the note and threw it on the ground. I could tell that he was just doing that part to be funny, but I couldn’t help but think that I actually hurt him.

After lunch, Mason was walking to his next class and stopped to say hi to Matt, whose locker just so happened to be next to mine. After they talk about random boy stuff for a bit, Matthew walked off, leaving Mason with me. Mason started to hit me with his jacket sleeves like a kindergartener would do when they’re mad. This wasn’t abnormal behavior though. Mason was usually awkward, weird, and a tad immature around me.

After a few seconds of being whacked, I decided to say something. “Why are you spanking me with your sleeve?” I asked with a little attitude, but trying not to seem agitated completely.

“Why are you a whore?” I thought I heard him say. I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

“I’m a… whore?” I could feel my eyes tearing up. Yup, my prank kind of pushed the limits. “I’m so sorry about the prank; it’s just you were the only one who came to mind. I didn’t think you would be offended by it.”

He stopped hitting me and looked at me with shock and disbelief. “Well, one, I didn’t call you a whore, I said ‘Do you want more?’ Secondly, I thought the prank was actually cute and funny. I’m surprised I didn’t think of that, it was really smart and witty.”

The day went by slowly after the juvenile events and in last period, we got the news.

“Attention students! There is a bomb threat.” The secretary of the school said. “I repeat there is a bomb threat. Teachers, please evacuate the students to the chapel and follow the directions we give you.” This was something that only happened in war zones or on television, right? So why was it happening to us, just simple American kids at school in Germany?

Oh right, we’re Americans in a foreign country with a flag painted on our roof. Makes sense now.

The teachers rushed us outside, telling us to remain calm. It was easy for me; I believed that nothing bad would really happen and that this was just a drill. Hoping that is was a drill, but my gut told me it wasn’t. The first person I looked for was Roxy, because if I were going to die at this age, it might as well be while I’m with my best friend in the whole world. After finding her and rushing to her side, I looked for Mason. I looked in front of me first. No luck. Then on both sides. Still, no luck. Before I could turn my head I heard a whishing sound, then an explosion. Everybody was pushed back, but I stood my ground. I turned around, preparing for the horror of the dead. There was only one body. One body that I heard whisper, even from this distance “Leena.”

He wasn’t dead, luckily, but in a couple of minutes he will be. I stood there, just staring at the motionless body a few yards in front of me. Weighing my options of just staring there in disbelief or running over and crying my eyes out for him, I chose the latter. The strange thing is that it was him, only him that was close enough to the explosion to be knocked out, even close to death.

I ran as fast as I could, feeling the eyes of others on my back. While over half of the school was in the safety of the chapel’s bomb shelter, I was going back out to the danger zone thinking that tears would save the one I love. Or, supposedly love, if you have the same mindset as Roxanne.

Kneeling at his side I grab his hand and look at the faulting rising and falling of his chest. All of his body parts were intact, but the radiation from the blast was getting to him. And then the fact he was probably pushed into the air and met the ground with heavy contact was also a bad thing to go through and was very hard to endure.

“Mason, I swear if you die on me…” I couldn’t think of an adequate threat to keep him from dying other than “I’ll kill you”, so I shut up and cried tears of nothingness.

It was silent, and I thought for sure he was gone. I swear I was starting to growl out of pure fury, since whoever did this had a cold heart, or even worse, was heartless. Damn the Al Qaeda, if they are the people who even did this.

Then more moments of silence, and it was confirmed within me that he was truly gone. I let go of his hand, then taking another glance, I kissed the scars on his skin. “Leena… I think you’re beautiful.” He said, almost putting me into shock.

“I don’t ever want to lose you.” I felt my eyes water up again.

He stroked my hair and his fingers lightly graced my cheek, sending feel good signals through my body. He looked like he was about to get up, but his hand fell abruptly, giving me the sign he was dead. I just stared at his dead body, as if it would bring him back. I heard another bomb drop, and it was heading towards the chapel. Then, I heard a blast. The blast didn’t come from the chapel though.

I looked around to see a purple dome around everything from the school to the church, Mason and I in the middle of it. After thinking about it for a bit, and seeing multiple assaults hit the dome and have no effect, I then knew the exploding sound came from me.

A/N: Depending on how well I do, this may become a novel. This will rely on me getting past part two or you guys saying you like it so much it should bea novel. Hope you enjoyed, if you did, tell me



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