The Bride of Bombay

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In a small town in India, a man is 3 months overdue on rent, and is struggling to feed his family of his wife and 2 daughters. One day, the land lord has the two daughters taken away and they are sent to Brothels. The one sister eventually has a young child and attempts to have the girl married to stop her having to work with her mother.

Submitted: July 18, 2013

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Submitted: July 18, 2013



A family of four lived in a tiny apartment in Bombay. The breadwinner, the father and husband, had been struggling for months to feed his family. He had his wife, and two daughters to care for, but he was very poor. He soon fell behind on his rent. The land lord grew tired of waiting and he took the two daughters away. He didn't want to care for them, so he sent one to a brothel, and the other one far away. The eldest of the two sisters was the one sent to the brothel, and all the money she made was sent to the land lord to pay her father's debt.

She worked hard, for years, so she could free her father from debt, but she earned very very little.  In fact, she earned so little, it would take her the rest of her life to pay off the enomouse debt her father was in. However, that was not her worst problem. She became pregnant, and lost work because of the child she carried. She then lost money. After nine months of hard work, just to barely scrape by, the woman gave birth to a young girl. She was as beautiful as her mother had once been, before working at the brothel. The baby girl was named Sari. The mother was told, as soon as Sari was born, that unless she was married before she reached womanhood, she would belong to the brothel forever.

The mother despaired at this. Sari was just a girl. She didn't deserve to live as her mother, and her aunt did. So the mother dressed baby Sari in a wedding gown and placed her in a basket outside the brothel. Then she prayed that someone would take the girl and marry her. Everyday she did this, and everyday she was disappointed. As Sari grew from baby, to infant, to toddler, to kid, the mother grew more and more worried. She hid it from Sari, disguising her worry as weariness, but Sari could tell her mother was desperate to marry her off. She helped her mother, by begging young men as they passed. Years passed, and everyday Sari begged, and her mother prayed.

Finally, on the eve of Sari's 11th birthday, her mother took things into her own hands. She stole some surplies, took Sari, and ran. They ran for days, hiding from the authorities and the ones in charge at the brothel. All they had was the wedding dress Sari wore, the rags the mother wore, and some food. The ran, sleeping in alleys, gardens, and under steps, searching for Sari's aunt.

After two weeks living on the streets, the mother and Sari found another brothel, on the corner of the city. The mother left Sari, soaked from the rain, in an alley while she snuck into the brothel. Sari waited, shivering in her ragged, torn wedding dress, until she saw her mother and her aunt sneak out of the brothel. Together, the 3 of them snuck out of the city, and headed into the country. After weeks of wild terrain, horrible elements, hardly any food or water, Sari, her aunt and her mother stumbled upon a small animal farm. Sari's aunt went to the door, to ask for some food, but found it was her mother who answered. The parents eagerly accepted their daughters and Sari home, and together they started a new, easier life. But the sister's never forgot of their time at the brothels, and the brothel the eldest sister worked at never forgot  Sari, the bride of Bombay


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