My Ideal Place.

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I was reading an email sent to me by the creator of 'WriteSparks!', a program that helps writers get started by providing ideas or starting points, and it said something about describing my ideal place. And I automatically started writing this in my head, and quickly put it onto the computer. So, Here it is. It's nothing big. Nothing fancy. Just a small article describing my ideal place.

Submitted: June 07, 2008

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Submitted: June 07, 2008



When I come across the topic of my Ideal place, the first thing that comes to mind is a very vivid picture of a meadow of sorts. Located high up in the mountains, It's a vast green field surrounded by big leafy trees. Dotted with beautiful pink and purple flowers, it uses the big dark night sky as a blanket and the only light is a big fat moon that sends it's misty white glow onto the trees and the flowers.

In the center of this massive field is a small cluster of trees in various colors; pink, green, red and purple to name a few. Some are so vivid that the color is just indescribable. If I cross this field and walk through those beautiful trees, I find a pit of sorts. At the bottom, It holds a blindly blue tarn, surrounded by rocks and a small water fall, with various animals loping through it. Deer drinking from the cold blue pool. Butterflies flapping elegant wings, landing on the small flowers surrounding the water. Bunny rabbits hopping around, being chased by small foxes as if in a playful game of tag. Baby bobcats playing with their brothers and sisters near the water's edge, sending out little cries of glee as they tackle each other. The mother bobcat sitting close by, watching her cubs to make sure they remain safe.

In my ideal place, I am the only human. And I get along with all the animals as if they understand me, and I understand them. They don't appear to be afraid of me and come willingly up to me, cuddling into my lap and rubbing against my legs, or happily eating out of my extended palm. I protect them, and they protect me. In a sense, we are just a big, multi-species family. This small family reaches to the feild outside of our concealed heaven, extending to the surrounding woods and the skies above, to include the birds in the sky and the animals living around us. My vast field is protected by the trees and animals around it, as well as the height of where it is in the mountains. The rocky, cold exterior of my warm heaven is mostly unappealing to anyone else, and is rarely intruded upon by another human being. But when it does happen, they are either asked to leave.. Or invited to join if I see them fit to live in my world.

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