A Change of Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem written from Jacob Black's point of view in the book Breaking Dawn, during Renesmee's birth.

Submitted: November 01, 2008

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Submitted: November 01, 2008



I will kill him,
tonight he has pushed me too far,
if she dies, he dies too.

I've wanted her from the beginning,
I thought I had her, for a brief moment
I thought her love for him was dimming.
But, he came back and took her from me.

I accepted it, for her.
I watched her marry him,
I smiled and pretended to be happy, for her.
I thought, at least, she would be safe,
I didn't know he would give into her every whim.

I never thought this would happen.
How could this be?
A baby inside of her, killing her.
We are losing her, I know it.
When her last breath is gone,
he will have nowhere to flee.

The tears are running down,
"Bella, please, don't leave me"
I would love an excuse to kill him,
but not because of this.

Crack! It's her back,
the monster broke her back!
Now, I really am having a panic attack.
Her beautiful skin cannot even be seen,
the blood covers it like a deep, red sea.

"Get it out of her, now!"
I scream at him,
as if he would listen.
He loves this monster more than her,
just like Rosalie.

I lie to myself,
knowing what I just thought isn't true.
If she dies, he will be willing to let me kill him.

He is at her stomach now,
tearing her apart,
to get the baby out.

It's out, it can't torture her anymore.
She is awake, asking for that horrid thing.
"Don't give it to her," I want to scream,
but, as usual he gives her what she wants.

As soon as it's in her arms,
it's gone again.
Her body spasms,
we are losing her.
The tears are coming fast now,
not this, anything but this.

I push her heart on,
I will not lose her to this.
I gave him permission,
why did I do it?
Do I want her dead,
or alive without a pulse?

But, I know it, he is too late,
one last spasm, one last breath.
My Bella is gone.
She's gone.

He yells at me to leave,
he won't give up, I know that,
but, she is gone.
He will die tonight.

I run down the stairs as I hear him beg,
I can't get it out of my head,
all the blood, the lifeless body of the girl I love.

I look to the side,
I see that monster lying in the blonde's arms,
that's who I need to blame.
No one could stop me now,
even if I die, it will die with me.

I prepare to lunge,
but, suddenly I see hear something,
that brings tears to my eyes,
Bella's heartbeat.

I look at the creature again,
and shock fills my face.
This isn't happening,
I look at her,
and I feel complete.

It isn't Bella I need,
its the sleeping child next to me,
it's Renesmee.

© Copyright 2020 Katrina Jean. All rights reserved.

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