Rosalie is a character in Stephenie Meyers's popular book series, Twilight. This is a poem written in Rosalie's POV.

To them I am callous and cold.
I am the heartless one.
My heart no one can behold,
except him: my emmett, my lover and my friend.

I feel the pity surrounding me,
coming from my family.
They know why I disagree.
Why I voted no,
when she asked me.

I didn't want this,
I wouldn't have asked for it.
It is because of Carlisle that I exist,
though I will never blame him for what he did.

How could she throw it all away?
Everything I have ever wanted,
a child of my own,
to feel blood running through my veins.
How could she freely give that away?

To them I am callous and cold.
I wish I could be something better,
than what everyone thinks of me.
I wish my heart of gold,
the one those men stole from me so long ago,
could replace this heart inside of me now,
that has grown feelingless and cold.

Submitted: November 29, 2008

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