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confusion is a big part of life. sometimes its just easier not to think about it. dont ever hesitate. no matter what the situation.

Submitted: May 01, 2007

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Submitted: May 01, 2007




Hesitation is the game I play,

The out come is my pain.

I wait and wait,

Thinking slow,

Yes or no?

I press the blade against my wrist,

Stop, cry, bleed



Sick of crying with this razor,

Don’t know how to let it out,

Stop, cry, bleed



Know its wrong,

But feels so right.

Can’t help but crave the pain.

Is it worth it?

Yes or no?

No one knows.

Stop, cry, bleed



Should I make just one more cut?

Stop, cry, bleed.

This time there is no need to hesitate.

I know what will happen next.


I am powerless before myself.

There is so need to stop,

Just to bleed.

Over and over,

No stop, no cry, no hesitate

Just bleed.


Make it stop,

Lord knows I can’t,

Can’t help but bleed,

And not stop to hesitate.

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