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Sometimes its better just to leave the loneliness behind.

Submitted: August 24, 2007

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Submitted: August 24, 2007




Down one goes,

Followed by another.

Take another ten,

There’s no point anymore.

Break the foil of the packet, and tip them on your shaking hands,

Bite your lip and swallow as the tears start to pour.


Choke as you go, wishing on the ache you’re about to receive,

Things go dark, and dizziness falls.

Nothing is right, but nor was it before.

Trembling as you wait, for the peace of mind to unfold,

A wrestles sleep is about to behold.


Filled with thoughts so impure,

A silent prayer not to wake.

This loneliness is all my make, and these pills are all I can seem to take.


If there’s a god out there he will know its my time to go, and let the sleep I long for over take my broken soul.


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