My life at Auschwitz

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Now 84 year old Abria Himmmler, holocaust survivor faces the challenges of telling a loved on of what he did at Auschwitz. its been 74 years and he has yet to tell them...can he own up to murder? or will he take his secret with him to the grave?

Submitted: August 01, 2014

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Submitted: August 01, 2014



I lay in my hospital bed knowing that i was going to die soon. My son sat at the end of my bed holding onto my hand. I was 84 now and my son still did not know that i was a holocaust survior let aalone aan Auschwitz survivor. I turned towards my son letting out a cough. I knew i ust tell him i let out another lung scorching cough nd told him that i might never find a better time to tell him what i went through during WW2. He just looked at me before i heard his fint reply. "Dad if you don't want to i understand.." I knew that i had to tell him. "Son.." i started "...your mother never knew anything about this before she died." I felt a tear escape and roll down my cheek. "Now it;s to late for her and i want at least one person i love to know." I wiped the tear off my cheek and i began to tell him my story.

The war had taken its toll on me. My name is Abria Himmler. I was only ten and i had already seen tthe rest of what this wr had to offer. I had been ripped out of my mothers arms and had to watch them s they beat her when she faught to get me back. She was lying on the ground, she wasn't moving, blood poured from her head yet they kept beating her. When i cried for her the man with the black boots slapped me and through me into a train car.

The train car they threw me into was very small. There was one window, it was a very tiny window and we had a bucket for us to use the restroom in. I was not the only one in the car. At first there was just two or three of us bbuut bby the time we left theere was 45 to 50 people squashed into a car built for maybe 25.

I thought it couldn't get any worse, it stunk and there was lice everywhere. I could not quit scratching my head, it got so bad i had sores on my head from scratching it so much. I hated it i wanted so bad to get off this train and lay in the oft green grass of my hometown again. Every time I closed my eyes and tried to conjure up those memories i would picture my motheer lying with me. she would look so peacful and the longer i left my eyes closed the more she changed, she was beautiul and peacful before she would morphe into the bloody beaten body lying by the train tracks. It goes without saying that I couldn't keeep my eyes closed for long. We had been on the train for what i think was a day or two before i finally fell asleep on a nice womans arm. I was woken the next day to the sound of Nazi soldiers pulling us out of carts nd forcing us into two different lines.

I was put into a line with people who were able to work. The other line was filled with babies and mothers, old ladies and men and the crippled. I kept asking why thee woman whose arm i fell asleep on was in the other line with her new born baby. They told me tht evveryone in the other line was being sent to a nursing home type place. Where everyone of their needs could be met and that thee ones in our line were going to be taken and put to work to provide for the nursing home. I kept asking why i couldnt go to the nursing home with the others before some bbig buff man told me that if i didnt shut up i would get my wish and i wouldnt like it.

A man around my fathers age told me that it was two camps in one. One was Auschwwitz the main part of the camp that we were going to. The second was called Birkenau or Auschwitz 2. I could see off in the distance it had two big buildings with large chimneys coming out of the groud on the side of the buildings. The man had the saddest look in his eyes as he waved to a woman with a abby being loaded on a truck headed to those buildings. I asked him if that was where the nursing home was. he looked down at the ground and the tear that rolled off his cheek told me that it was.

Ten minutes. That's how long we had been standing there before the gaurds came with more trucks to haul the rest of the nursing home line to the nursing hime. I wtched s they made their way over to the other camp. Finally the guards turned theiir attention to us. The yelled at us to stand up straight and take our clothes off before marching us into showers. They shaved us from our heads to our toes and everything in btween. There was men crying when their beards were shaved off. They looked like babies after they were hairless.

As soon as i was finished with my shower my head was shaved adn i was tken to a roomm where iw as handed striped pajamas a hat and wooden clogs. They also gave me a serial number. They told me this number would be my new name and to help mme remember itthey tattooed it onto my left forearm. The pain was almost unbearabble but when i started to cry they threatend to kill me. I shut my mouth and held back the tears that constantly threatened to escape from my eyes. I was then placed in front of a cammera. They took three different pictures from three diffeerent angles and told me i had to oin the rest of the men outside in a single file line.

The line that I was put into was taken to n old brck building that said bblock 26 on the side. They shoved all 50 of us innto this one room built to house maybe 20 tops. By now it ws late and getting dark. We all had to share beds; there wasn't enough bbeds for even half of us. If you were lucky you got one of the beds with only two men in it, if not ou ended up with three or four men in your bed and then it became very hard to sleep.

i was one of the lucky ones. There was only two of us in my bed. I shared the bed with and 18 year old named Dierdick who was brought from one of the ghettos. Neither one of us could fall asleep so Dierdrick told me stories of what his life used to ne. He told me abbout how he finished high school and was planning on goign to Britain to go to school taking his fiance Lydia with him. He looked at me with a pained expresion adn said "that was before this war though." He turned on his side nd evven though he tried to hide it i knew that he was cring. I had to ask him what happened to Lydia, where she was at. He told me she had been taken to a crematorium to be killed. I asked him what a crematorium was he called me a naive child before correcting himself and saying the nursing home.

Tht was when i first realized that th nursing home was not a nursing home at all. I finally realized that it was  house of death. I worked hard every day just to ensure my survival. Each day there seeed to be less and less of us in the bararacks. The night i remeber the clearest is the night that Dierdrick smuggled a piece ofo bread into oour barrack. He sat on the bed and handed me half and we ate it. We was shoving it in our mouths and not paying attention when it happened.

A guard walked in and drug us outside y our hair. The guard started beating us, it seemed to e forever before he stopped. Then we was drug to the maser of the camp. He asked us who had smugged the bread out of fear i ratted Dierdrick out. I told him about what he had done. He told me that if i wanted to lie i Had to shoot my best friend Dierdrick on the execution block in front of the whole camp.

They mrched us to the execution bblock in the center of the camp and handed me a pistol. I was trned facing towards Dierdrick who was tied up and leeding. They kept yelling at me to do it all ready. "JUST SHOOT THE FILTHY, STEALING PIG ALREADY!!!" "JUST SHOOT HIM AND GET IT OVER WITH." The Nazis wouldn't be quiet and all the prisoners just stood there mouths closed watching with ees wide. I raised the gun and put a hold in y best friends chest. I watched on as he gurgled and choked on his blood before he slumped over and took his last breath.

I looked at my son "they marched me to solitary confinment and left me when they were invaded and i was brought home." He was crying i reached my hand up and wiped the tear off his face. " i survived and i want you to know..." i coughed and took a agonizing breath. "..dont be like me. dont be afraaid to stand up for your beliefs.I love you son" Tears were rolling down his face now and He opened his mouth to tell me something. I never heard what he had to say because in that second i slipped into an eternal blissful sleep.




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