Lacie's Halloween Nightmare

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A girl named Lacie is in trouble again meeting strange people along the way that could help her remember the horrifying past she so wishes to forget.

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



I went outside to look at all the beautiful colors around me. The leaves were turning and falling off the trees and the sky was bright as the sun shown brighter then ever. It was fall and not only that, it was almost October 30th, Halloween Night.

My mother doesn't support Halloween traditions like all of the other people in our rich country do. She thinks it is a deatly holiday that should not be celibrated in the least. Everyone else throughs parties and has balls but my mother doesn't. She would much rather stay home and keep away the monsters then consider how happy I would be if she would through a party for Halloween but I know that she won't so I won't even ask.

I stood there in my yard and closed my eyes to imagine the wonderful party we could have if my father were still here and if my mother didn't despise Halloween. All of my friends would be there and it would be a masquerade and I would wear a purple gown with a purple rhinestone mask that has feathers all around it.

I would also wear the purple rhinestone necklace that came from someone at my last birthday party. It's a funny thing that I don't remember who it came from or how I got it. All I remember is that I had gotten it from someone at my birthday party.

The party would be the best one of the year and everyone would remember it as the best Halloween party of the year. No one else's would even start to compare to mine.

"Lacie it's time to get ready for your piano lesson and your dance rehearsal later on." My mother had called from the back door of the house.

"Alright mother!" I yelled back to her as she disappeared into the house. I sighted and turned to go get ready for all the things my mother had planned for us today.

* * * * * 

When I was finally done with the dance rehearsal and piano lessons I lied down on my soft bed with a sigh.

"Smiles are better then sighs just so you know." Said an almost unfamiliar voice. There climbing through my window was a man about my age.

"Who are you?" I said startled and scared.

"Do you really not remember me again?" Said the strange man.

"No and why should I? I've never seen you before in my life."

"Again? Honestly Lacie I think someone should take a look at your head and see if you have any brain damage to it. It's Gil don't you remember? I gave you the necklace you wear all the time and I danced with you at your birthday party. Do you remember now?"

I thought back to everyone I danced with the night and only remember my father and maybe a guy my age but I can't remember his face I just remember the black raven hair that he had. It was as black as the night it's self.

I looked him over and saw that his hair was indeed as black as the night and that his eyes were blue with hints of green in them. He was the most stunning man I've even seen. But I didn't show the look of being stunned on my face I frowned and turned around so I was not facing him and all his beauty.

"I have never seen you before in all my life now get out or I will call my mother and maid and tell them to call the police." I said as I sat back down on my bed still not looking at him.

"Well I think you just don't remember my name." He walked over and kneeled in front of me. "Lacie pease, look into my eyes and tell me what you see."

I had to look because as soon as I did I couldn't look away. They shined and changed a little from someone who was filled with sorrow to someone who looked like he had found something he had lost from a long time ago. He looked as though he was searching through my eyes as well as though only true lovers could.

I stopped staring and turned my head away. My eyes started to water and I felt like crying because I didn't know who this wonderful person was.

Then something in the back of my mind had switched into gear and I remembered the man from my dream and I remembered the kiss I had gotten from this man at the end of my birthday party. It was the most wonderful and magical kiss I had ever recieved from anyone. It felt like we were two of the same and that we completed each other.

I looked at his eyes again and I could see who he was. He was the man of my dreams, the man of my life, and the man who was the most wonderful person in the world. He was Gilbert Nightray and I knew I would marry him one day.

I heard someone coming and before I knew it Gil was on his feet and on his way back to the window. He jumped and I ran to the window to make sure he was okay but he was already riding his horse back toward the Nightray manner.

In walked my mother and then my maid with worried looks on their faces. Then before I knew it I was tired up and blindfloded.  I screamed and yelled to no avail and I was being carried outside. I could tell because I could smell the grass and I could feel the could. I was put into a wagon or something and rode somewhere. I didn't know where I was or what was happening all I knew was that what ever was happening wasn't going to end in a good way.

I was untied slowly and shackled to the wall. The hands that were untying me were rough and felt nothing like my mother's or my maid's hands. Finally after I was shackled to the wall and untied the kidnappers took my blindfold off. There standing in front ot me were two of my best friends, or at least I had thought they were.

I looked to make sure I wasn't dreaming and I even pulled on the chains till it hurt just to make sure I wan't dreaming. I wasn't and now I was afraid for my life because I saw what was inside of Jess's hand. There was a bloody knife in her hand and there lying on the floor behind them were two bloody heaps.

I grasped and looked in horror as my eyes watered and grew to a size that I didn't even know they could get. It was my mother and my maid, I could tell by the shapes even though I didn't know there could be any shapes from the way they looked.

They had been murdered by two of my friends who I had trusted with my life. I couldn't even breath all that came out of my mouth was gasps for air and when I wanted words screams came out. The look in their eyes was as if they were having the most fun in their entire lives. It scared me in ways I never thought could happen.

"This is what will befall you, Lacie if you don't seperate your ties with the Nightray family." Jess had said.

"I won't anymore I promise I don't even know what you're talking about, I promise on my life I will never talk to anyone who has the last name of Nightray ever again. So please spare my life, please don't kill me I want to get married and have a long and happy life and have kids a...and...." I started to cry even louder as my words got faster and faster untill I couldn't think anymore.

They raised up the knife and before I knew what was happening, it cut stright through my neck. I took my last look at the world. I screamed for the last time. I cried my last tears for the last time. And I took my last breath on that faithful night. That is how all our lives will end on a Halloween Night if Lacie's friends were to have their way.... 

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