Teen Heroes (Females)

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My version of Teen Heroes (All Female)

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013



Teen Heroes”



Kara Zor-El (Kent):

Born on the planet of Krypton, Clark Kents cousin. She has recently landed on earth, only being 13 years old, non knowing of the human world, so she is learning simple ways and meaning of human life. She is very silly, but can be very tough. She is clumsy and outgoing. Living with the Kent's, she has made friends with fellow heroes, that share her feminine attitude. Her friends teach her the way to act and live normally, yet also teaching her the way to control her abilities, just while her cousin is away.

(Blonde curly or straight hair, blue eyes)


Olivia Queen:

She is Oliver Queen's little sister, only one year younger than him. After being separated at birth, She had reunited with him after her 11th birthday. They immediately became very protective of each other, and Oliver has tought her to use a bow and arrow, becoming an expert archer, like himself. She now lives with Oliver, and has made herself comfortable, now being that Oliver is 15 years ld and she is 14. Olivia is the “layed back” one in the group. She is very much like her brother.

(Blonde, blue or green eyes, straight hair)


Stacie Parker:

Peter Parker's sister, three years younger than him. Her speration at birth with Peter was almost identical to Olivia's encounter with Oliv, that is why Olivia treats Petricia like a sister. Petricia was bitten by that same spider as Peter when she snuck into his room. Peter hadkept the spider, studying it. Petricia had accidentally freed it and was bitten, thus smashing it in disgust. She now aquired the same abilities as her brother, though she has not yet told him, in fear he might be angry with her. Petricia is 13 years old, trying to be like her brother, who is now 16 years old.

(Likely dirty blonde, or light brown, straight hair, green or brown eyes)




Samantha Rodgers:

Steve Rodger's daughter was born with her father's abilities. She was only 6 when her father had died of a disease, thought to be cancer, but has yet to be solved. She inherited her father's sheild, and she took on her father's responibilities. She grew up with the old fashioned ways, that the other “heroes” Believe she is very much like her father. She seems to be the one out of the group that has a plan and is always very serious. Now 14, she is very mature, and seems to have her life all together.

(Likely Blonde, blue eyes, straight or wavy long hair)


Jessica Stark:

Tony Stark's daughter, Jessica, is a shadow in her father's image. She has his looks, his smarts, and his charm. She is the heartbreaker of the group, flirty and gradually all about the looks. She inherited his fortune after her father had disapeared on a journey to a government facility in the Sahara, traveling to do a presentation of his latest technology. Jessica has made it her life goal to find her father, only being 14.

(Likely Brunette, brown or blue eyes, straight long, or mid-length hair)


Cecilia Wayne:

Cecilia is almost identical to her father's charm. Her lack of communication makes her the mystery of the group. Being 14, she is the daughter of Bruce Wayne. Cecilia is very smart, and is also the stealthy and quiet of the group. She can, at times, lash out for no reason, also because she bottles her emotions up, thus being antisocial.

(Likely Brunette, green or blue eyes, curley or straight long, or mid-length hair)

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