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Me and my friend were playing a game where we had to write a story based on a pic. So here it is ^^. (Couldn't think of an appropriate title, heh)

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



Evelynn was running through the frozen forest as pairs of eyes were quietly watching from afar. She had no idea where she was heading as her vision was blurred by the tears in her eyes. All she knew was that she HAD to find her sister, who had been taken away from her mother by the forest's long-feared creature, the succubus. When those thoughts ran through Evelynn's mind, she closed her eyes and started running even faster as her almost crystallized tears fleed from her face. All of a sudden, she tripped and fell in the snow. When she opened her eyes, she was in front of an enormous cave. The young girl was staring at the cave, with her small almond-like hazel eyes. A few moments passed while she was trying to see into the cave. Nothing could be seen, or heard. She got up in an attempt to take a better look into it, and in the next seconds she could feel the earth shake beneath her feet. An enormous, shady silhouette was coming out of the cave as the earth was trembling. Evelynn froze with fear, not knowing what to do. 
Out came a huge white wolf. It was nothing like the ordinary wild wolves in the forest, not even like a really big dog. It was almost the size of a dragon. The wolf laid his head down at the petrified girl, and squinted his eyes in a friendly manner. He then laid down on its belly, as if waiting for something. It was then that Evelynn knew it was going to be a long journey...


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