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The titles not very goood.... short story about a girl and her boyfriend?

Submitted: November 05, 2010

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Submitted: November 05, 2010



Please tell me if it’s any good!

“Are you listening Kathy?” misses Bitterroot’s shrill voice echoed through my peacefully empty head. “Yes miss.” No miss. I am not listening to your painfully boring speech. I shuffled around in the creaking black chair, and looked around to my best friend who grinned at me. Alex shook her long blonde hair, her shocking green eyes fluttering. Alex is so pretty! I floated back into dream world as the ear piercing bell rung through, and everyone stood up. Miss tried to shout the homework to us, but most were already out of the room. I scanned the bleak corridors, looking out for floppy sun kissed hair I leant against my locker and tugged on my jumper, pulling it down. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my shoulders, pulling me into the nearby janitor’s cupboard. I was about to scream, when an anger came to my lips. A hazy light shone, and I saw my amazing boyfriend staring down at me. His hair was flopping into his eyes, so I pushed it away, and he gazed intently at me with his sparkling blue eyes. His rosy lips were soft as he kissed me, his voice husky and smooth as chocolate as he whispered into my ear. “I’ve missed you babe. I hate being in different lessons to you” he kissed me again. “Same babes, but at least were together now” “Hey, I was thinking we could go out for some dinner tonight? You know, like a date?” he suddenly looked embarrassed, his shining eyes darting around the room. “Dylan?” I touched his chin, gently pushing, until he faced me. “Of course I will babe. Where are we going?” he grinned at me and picked me up, whirling me round. I giggled, protesting and he kissed me. “I was thinking the seafood restaurant down the harbour? At 8’o’clock maybe? I don’t know babe, whatever suits you” “That sounds great babe. As long as I’m with you” he grinned at me, and grabbed my hand as we wandered lazily out of the cupboard. Alex stuck her finger down her throat mocking them, but turned and fluttered her eyelashes as troy walked past, smiling seductively. She I teetered after him, winking at me. I grinned at her, and then looked at Dylan un-easily. He looked uncomfortable, and he grabbed my hands and stared into my eyes. “I...i...i... I love you Kathy. I really love you.” “I love you to Dylan.” My heart was beating so loud I was scared he could hear it. Sweat trickled down my back, and I felt like if I died now, I would die happily. He pulled me towards him by my waist and we kissed before walking back home happily. * * Dylan reached across, and wiped the paella sauce from the corner of my red lips. I smiled at him, and his eyes darted to my hungrily breasts. “nearly finished babe?” “yep. I’m done if you’re done.” He grinned. “come on then. The paella costs” he looked at the menu “and the drinks” his brain was whirring as he delved into his pocket and smiled at me. “exact money!” and the flutter of notes and clanging coins. He reached out and took my hand, pulling me away. We ducked into his shining car, and he sped away. As we pulled up into his drive, he was staring at my body, making me feel uncomfortable. He led me into the house, and up to his room. He disappeared and came back with 6 bottles of beer, and a bottle of coke. We sat on his bed silently, until my phone rang. It was Alex. “hey babe. Can I see you? Where are you?” she was rushing, hardly drawing breath. “I’m at Dylan’s. I’ll meet you outside?” she jabbered something about being there in a sec, but I wasn’t taking it in. I rushed outside, waiting, worried. Suddenly I saw a small grey blob wandering towards me. “Alex?” Alex had always had long, sexy blonde hair. But now it was a short tufted bob, and a mousey dull colour. I stared at her in shock. “What is it? What have you done?” she cried, and fell into my arms. “I’m moving.” “That’s not so bad! What’s happened to your hair?” “My step-dad told me I looked like a slag. It’s no big deal. I fancied a change any way...” “stupid girl! So what’s the fuss about moving?” She stared at me, tears filling her eyes. “I’m moving to America. Were leaving...Tonight. its my step-dads new job and its so awful! I’m moving back the second I turn eighteen though babe I promise, and we can email and text and stay friends.” I nodded blankly, as a car drove up, beeping at Alex. “GET IN THE CAR! SAY GOODBYE O YOUR FRIEND!” I hated her step-dad. We hugged for what seemed like forever, and I wanted to hold on more than I wanted my next breath. Sudden rough hands grabbed Alex, and hauled her, wailing, into the car. “I love you Kathy! You’re the closest thing I’ve had to a sister! Best friends forever, I promise.” She screamed out the window, her mousey head bobbing away in the distance. “best friends forever” I whispered, still stunned by how suddenly I lost my best friend. Dylan came out and hugged me, and dragged me inside. “now, where were we?” he grinned, his eyes averting to my little red dress. “Dylan. I just lost my best friend. You could be a little more sympathetic.” He sidled close to me and let me rest my head on his shoulder. “It’s ok babe. Let it out.” he was trying to be sensitive, but his hands were all over me, making me squirm. “stop it Dylan. I’m going home.” He stared at me in disbelief. Then he leant in and whispered into my ear. “let me help you forget her, get over your loss.” He was being sweet, but I could feel him gazing down my top, so I got up and walked out. Dylan had had 4 of the beers whilst I was out. He came after me, downing his 5th. “come on babe. Don’t be frijid. We both know you want it. I mean, you came out dressed as a slag!” I felt liquid rush to my ears, but I was determined not to cry in front of him. I was on the street, Dylan still behind me, when a pair of rough hands grabbed me, pulling me down an alley way. “hey sexy.” The last thing I heard was Dylan shouting, grabbing me back from the man “she’s mine grandpa” and the last thing I saw was fists flying, and the glint of a knife as I feel to the floor, fainting. Dylan fell beside me and croaked “I’m so sorry babe. I’ve been I jerk.” “its ok” I used all my strength to reach out and grab his pale hand. “I love you Kathy” “I love you Dylan” I saw a silver flash, and felt cold metal against my neck, before I passed out. ** I awoke to a shining white light. I saw surgeons in masks, exchanging worrying glances. I lifted my head slowly, and saw a similar situation, but with Dylan lying on a bed. I got up, and saw a flat lined heart rate monitor. I walked casually out of the room, confused and still dazzled by the shining light. In the corridor, I entered a small room I had seen mine and Dylan’s parents in. They were all hugging, tears streaming. Confused, I ran out, back to the room I’d seen Dylan in. I stared at him, and ran back, heart punding. The room was now empty, and I seized a clipboard and scanned the paper on it. ‘Dylan Mcaffery- hung himself after recent death of a beloved one- Kathy Williams. Dead when found. Kathy Williams- found by pedestrian lying dead in an alleyway- slit throat and 7 stabs to the stomach.’ That was when it all came together. Dylan had killed himself. I was dead.

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