My Lost Love.

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Tragic story of a lost love.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Tossed in the bag, zipped shut and stumbled to the car. The dirt flew up behind the old beat down 76’ bug as its worked its way down the dirty cobble stone path. Her eyes filled with tears as she pulled out of the path and on to the new nicely paved road. As she past the park where her first kiss was stolen hands shook. Thoughts of the night come back to life as the moment plays back in her mind. 

Her stomach tied in knots, multiple knots as she passed the strip of restaurants and store where she hung around after school with her friends. The moment she passed Timberland High… The destination of her stolen heart. The more she looked the more her stomach tied, hands shook.  The more her heart sank.

It was as if a rock hit the bottom of the ocean… hard. Her bright green eyes became a daze as slight tears started to poor out of her. Like a never ending thunder storm. Enough to make a house flood; enough to fill the Atlantic Ocean. The halls were long and tall.

 Lockers filled both sides, with hidden doors between sets of lockers to enter class rooms with high ceilings and windows that stood tall and looked out to a big view of a garden outside that had rose bushes and oak trees. We called this garden the quad and treasured it; the free space to get away from the text books lying on the tables inside. He was tall, lean, handsome, sweet, caring, and loving; if you named it he probably had it. He was a real looker; sure he had a couple drinks here and there but who he was and what he was accounted for made up for that. Didn’t it? He was John Smith; captain of the football team, President of stucco, rep all four years. He had a lot.

He came from an extremely rich family and whatever he wanted he got. I don’t know how he had so much and how it all worked out so well but it did, it worked. Amazing that’s him all of him. Me, I loved the boy. He was so perfect for me and when I needed him he was there. Even when I was crying and screaming and carrying on he was still always there. It’s all slowly washing away. You know the feeling when you know something missing, like you forgot it. I don’t have that. It’s all in craved into the back of my mind. The night is as clear as day. Clear; Like not having to wear glasses and putting thin clear contacts in for the first time.

Clear, I still can see his face and the unsettle tug as we were hit. It all happened in a matter of seconds. I never knew one’s life could be engulfed that quickly. He looked at me. His heavy blue eyes filled with tears as if he knew what the future had in store. The tug, then the whip, then the crashing and slinging into the poll.

The flip and rustle onto the 06’ ford pickup truck’s back. The terrible silence between us. Horns and sirens in the background. Darkness, black, the red dripping slowly down his face. The large piece of metal slashed through my leg. The glass that had launched itself long and hard into his heart.

Fading black and his last breaths. My sudden screech with words I couldn’t even understand myself but I knew what I was saying, and it’s all playing back in my mind like a song repeating on your iPod. “Baby please don’t go if I wake up tomorrow will you still be here!”  No response, it finally fades and I’m left in the dark.  I don’t remember too much from that night but I do remember the soft words he whispered and the small tears that rolled down his face.

 I remember waking up in a hospital bed and the first thing I needed to do was see him but they wouldn’t let me. I remember him lying there as I sat next to him gripping his hand tight and then realizing his grip was loosening a little as every single second went by. And I remember the funeral. How hundreds showed and our population of 4000 mourned at the fact he was gone and how much we prayed for he’s life to be remembered, never forgotten. It was all just like a regular funeral until the sudden shout sounded in the room..



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