The Tatoo on my Heart by MyvintageFairtytale book review

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*This story was the winner of Writers' Rash Competition*

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Reviewer's note: Dear Vintage, I am so sorry this took hell long because I was busy with your book trailer and tests. I haven't been on booksie for a bit and I usually take a long time perfecting reviews but because of my exams this remains unperfect. Please don't be angry! I did my best with the review and I'll let you know when your book trailer is uploaded on youtube!

The tatoo on my heart-MyVintageFairytale

A few months ago, a few fellow booksians participated in my competition (aka Writers' Rash 2012) and MyVintageFairytale bagged the first place! This is another sweet romantic story about a fellow individual who does not believe in love and Vintage had the clever idea of creating LDE and LdE aka Love doesn't exsist and Love DOES exsist.

The beginning of the story highly impressed me with the way Vintage started it with a sentence. I believe stories are started really off well with sentences. The adjectives and the construction of the words in the story were incredible and the characters seem to come to life once you start reading about them.

It's got a number of die-hard fans already (and if I might say so, I myself am turning into a die-hard fan! hehe) and so far lots of booksians seem to be leaving awesome comments.

Carry on with your story Vintage, I might not always have time to comment but I sure darn will still be continuing to read this sweet novel!

I recommend this to an audience of 12 years of age and over! 


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