Fairy-tale Moments

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

~ Third Place in the Golden Picture's Contest by Lolli Dee~
Tate Puller has the most beautiful girlfriend in the world yet he has somehow unintentionally fallen in love with her best friend Ruth. How will he solve this muddle?

~Fairytale Moments~


Okay, life officially sucks. I've got the best girlfriend in the world. She's a gorgeous blonde with a rockin' bod. Always funny. Always hot. Totally in to me. What more could a guy ask for? A lot more, apparently. My girlfriend has a best friend. What girl doesn't? See, this best friend of hers has been hanging with us lately. And damn, is she perfect. She's always in a happy mood or cracking a joke. She's got this weird thing about her that drives me mad. It's like she's got a spell cast on me. A spell that makes me fall for her. I mean, god, she even has me thinking she's beautiful. Yup, I am officially screwed.


Every moment I spend with her, every second of it makes me feel like I've just entered in to a Fairy-tale. A Fairy-tale I seriously do not want to get out of. My fairy-tale moments with her are just...something I can't explain.


How come that's never happened between me and my girlfriend,Brianna? I mean, we've been going out for half a year now but some of that spark we had just disappeared. Our relationship feels like an empty nothingness, and I badly want to get out of it. But I don't want to hurt her. Like I said, Brianna is VERY in to me and admittedly sometimes it drives me insane.


But her best friend, Ruth, is easy-going, fun-loving, laid-back. How did they end up best friends anyway when they are so different from each other?


Anyway, Ruth looks beautiful today. Her dark brunette hair curled in to ringlets, her long slender arms evenly tanned with her smooth legs to match as well. She hugs Brianna and pokes her tongue out at me cheekily.


A few months ago I would've poked my tongue back but once you're falling for someone you just shy away from them. I bite my cheek to prevent myself from blushing and nod at her, with an awkward grin on my face.


Brianna must notice my awkwardness towards Ruth and squeezes my hand sympathetically and I resist the urge to push her off. She thinks I hate spending time with Ruth, but it's the exact opposite. I've started loathing spending time with Brianna, she's so sickly and girly, I sometimes wonder what I saw in her.


But then again, I hadn't actually fallen for sickly, girly Brianna. I had fallen for cheeky, laid-back Brianna. She'd just changed. Drastically, if I may say so.


We walk out of my grandfather's coffee shop and towards the beach, Brianna and Ruth chatter away noisily leaving me time to stare at Ruth. Oh god, I would be freaked out with myself if I were Ruth. I feel like a pervy creep but nevertheless smile at Ruth's happy face.


She looks at me and catches me staring at her. For a moment our eyes actually lock but then Brianna ruins the moment by giving me a kick on the leg. I cringe.


''Hey!,'' I say with genuine irritation, ''What was that for?'' Brianna just laughs and flicks her hair back batting her long eyelashes at me. I used to think that little gesture of hers was cute, way back in high-school but now it's just annoying and childish.


Everything about her seems so annoying and chilish now.


We continue walking along the busy streets towards the beach though I keep my head down, not wanting Ruth to catch me out again. Brianna seems to be the one talking now, Ruth is just nodding with her lip bit.


I've known her long enough to know that she isn't listening to Brianna. Oh my god, what if she's thinking about me? About what a creep I am? What a player I am?


I've never considered myself a player until now. I've been two-timing on my girlfriend, wait, it isn't exactly two-timing but going out with a sweet girl while being head over heels for her best friend?It's just too much for me to handle.


It would be something Jared would do. He's my older brother and he's our college's biggest player of all. He only goes out with girls to give his reputation a little 'boost'. Despite him breaking a thousand girls' hearts he is still one of the most loved people in our school.


And I think I'm turning in to a mini-Jared. Sort of.


We finally reach the beach and I feel calmness wash over me. The beach has been something I've always looked forward too rather than a new movie or football. Only Ruth knows that though.


I would never tell Brianna, she'd think it was too....mainstream or something.


While Ruth happily plonks down on the sand without any hesitation, Brianna starts makes a little fuss about how dirty it looks. ''Oh c'mon Bree Bree, it's just a little bit of sand,'' Ruth chirps, raising her eyebrows at her friend's typical behaviour.


I sit next to Ruth (though keeping a little distance in case she gets suspicious) which immediately makes Brianna stop fussing and squeeze in between us. Did I mention Brianna has started becoming a tad bit jealous of my happy-go-lucky relationship with Ruth?


Brianna fishes out her magazine from the picnic basket and starts reading with her headphones on full blast. I look at Ruth and she smiles, making my heart leap.


''How's Jared?'' She asks, kicking a little bit of sand. I shrug, ''I'm not sure, he's always with his friends doing who know's what,''


She smiles to herself.


''Do...you...do you like Jared?'' I force myself to ask her. I don't want to know, but I want to know, I'm kind of caught up in between. She pushes her hair back, alarmed.


''No, definately not. Infact..'' She bites her lip, her soft eyes staring at me, ''I'm kind of...scared of him'' I laugh at her innocent remark and she shrugs, unsure of what to say to this.


''He looks scary but he's like a kitten,when it comes to hot girls,'' I say then immediately feel like smacking myself for admitting that I think Ruth is hot. She seems unaware and sighs as she stares at a couple walking past her.


''Have you ever had a crush on a girl, you know, before you started going out with Brianna?'' Ruth mutters then looks at me again, ''You don't have to answer that,'' she adds quickly.


I shake my head, ''I never crushed on girls as bad as I did with Brianna,'' I whisper softly, But you're an exception.


''Oh'' she sighs, and I can see a hint of disappointement in her tone. ''What about you?'' I ask, trying to break the awkward atmosphere. She shrugs, looks at me and looks at the sand.


''I liked the guy but he...uh...he rejected me, sort of anyway'' She says, forlornly.Who would reject Ruth???I stare hard at the sand and then look at her.


''Ruth, was there anyone else? Anyone else you ever had that fairytale feeling for?'' I ask and Ruth laughs, ''You sound so cheesy but no, I never did. And....I'm still not over that guy you know. I never will be,''


My shoulders droop down and I feel a pang in my chest, why would Ruth like the guy who is going out with her best friend? Why would such a pretty person go out with me when she'd already set her heart on some other bloke?


I resist the urge to break down in tears.



Suddenly Ruth leaps on me, startling me. Brianna gets a shock too and yelps like a little puppy. Ruth is on top of me, laughing her head off and I try not to pull her close and kiss me.


She wiggles her fingers and tickles the sides of my abs and I scream like a 4 year old girl who's just been attacked by the tickle monster. ''Tickle, tickle, tickle the lickle kiddiwinks,'' Ruth teases,her hands scrabbling all over me.


I fall to my back and tears of laughter rush out of my eyes. I try to reach Ruth to tickle her back but she's too strong and I can barely move my hands. Out of the corner of my eye I see Brianna scowl. She puts her headphones down and leaps on me nearly knocking Ruth over.


''Watch out, I'm here too!,'' She says squealing though though there is no enthusiasm in her voice. She tickles me too but it feels as if she's pinching me rather then tickling me, as if she's warning me about something.


''Oh Ruth...s-stop..st-opp..it's..it's killi-ng m-ee..'' I shout gasping for air. Brianna gives a fake laugh, ''Oh puh-leese, you know I'm tickling you harder,''


I finally gain some strenght and grab both the girls' waists and tickle them with each hand. While Brianna just smiles satisfied, Ruth is banging her fists on my hand spluttering like a schoolgirl.


I take my hand off Brianna and tickle Ruth with both hands and she squeals. She accidently kicks me on my left thigh making me fall on my back again. Ruth screams because I've let go of her and now she is on top of me again, scarily close to touching my lips.


We both stop laughing and look at each other. What I'd do to close the gap between us. ''Ahem?'' someone coughs breaking us apart immediately. Ruth gets up, her cheeks flushing bright red.


''That was fun,'' she mumbles. Brianna gives her a dirty look and tells me to get up. ''Um, I want to go home, like, now'' she orders, not at all happy. Ruth smiles at her but does not even look at me.


I feel guilty of being such a horrible boyfriend. Ruth tells Brianna she's heading to a small coffee shop for now so she starts heading the other way, not even bothering to say goodbye to me.


Brianna takes my hand, gives it a good yank and we walk to her house in stony silence. She finally breaks it, as she reaches the porch of her house by looking at me with tears in her eyes, ''She's taking you away from me,'' she whispers.


No, I think to myself, I let her take me away from you


I wrap my arms around her, deciding I finally have to tell. ''Bree, we've been going out for a long time and well..er..things change and-''


Brianna interrupts me by kissing my lips. It's supposed to be passionate, yet I feel...nothing. Not even a single spark goes off. Brianna must feel that too because she pulls away quickly.


''I shouldn't have ever invited her to hang out with us, we're falling apart Tate,'' She says tilting her head to one side, observing me carefully.


We already have fallen apart


I shrug and she waves to me, ''Bye Tate,'' she whispers, her eyes squinting with a hint of suspicision. ''Bye,'' I reply and she shuts the door. Suddenly it feels empty, standing here on her porch and the guilt that is slowly growing inside of me.


I walk away from her house, not daring to look back. I decide to return to the beach and when I reach there I sit down on a small rock and watch as dusk falls, making everything orange and purple, couples walk past, their arms linked and their heads down.


The crisp air sets chills in to my back but it's a calm feeling, I watch as the pastel coloured sky finally turns in to a dark star-studded canvas.


The air whips in to my face and I slowly close my eyes and Ruth appears in to my mind. Her beautifully freckled, snub nose, her dark hair brushing against my neck, her fingers interlocking mine. Her lips..


''Hey, Tate'' Someone calls, startling me making me fall down. Ruth laughs at me and my stomach ties in to thousands of knots.


''Ruth! Uh...Hi,'' I say getting up. She looks at me intently, ''I thought you were going back home?'' she whispers. I shake my head.


''I dropped Brianna off but I decided to return back to the beach, for some time to myself,'' I reply scratching my head. Ruth licks her lips.


''You've stopped calling her Bree you know,'' She whispers leaning against me, making my hair tingle. I shrug. She stares at me for awhile.


''You don't love her anymore....do you?'' she whispers and I look at her. What's the point of lying?


''No'' I mutter, my cheeks going hot. She touches my arm and smiles at me.


''It's OK, it happens'' She smiles again. Something urges me to say it.


''Who's the guy...the guy you like?'' I ask, she tries to look away but I pull her close to me. ''Who is it Ruth?''


She purses her lips with hesitation and then stares at me, her hazel eyes glittering beautifully.


''Tate Puller,'' she whispers, very, very slowly. I tightly wrap my arms around her shoulders and she clings on to to my chest. I carefully brush my lips against her and I can feel her breath, slow and calm. I plant a kiss on her, soft and passionate. I can feel sparks, they start spiralling around crazily and I feel on top of the world.


And this time no one is here to interrupt our fairytale moment.


*The End*











Submitted: August 16, 2012

© Copyright 2021 KatzieWhatziz. All rights reserved.

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Lolli Dee

Here is exactly what I would think if I was not a judge; if I was just a plain old reader:

You mad me squeal at the end! Ah! Like a girly-girl! This was beautiful! Let's see, my favorite part would be... When Tate first asked Ruth if she ever had that "fairytale" feeling with a guy. Ah!!!

Thu, August 16th, 2012 6:08pm


Hahaha! I did? :D Heheh! No problem, your comment alone makes me happy :) Ok :D

Tue, April 2nd, 2013 12:50am


:) I really enjoyed this, well done. And good luck in the contest.

Sun, August 19th, 2012 8:06pm


Thank you :)

Tue, April 2nd, 2013 12:49am



Sat, September 29th, 2012 11:09pm



Tue, April 2nd, 2013 12:43am

Mikey CD

it's so...adorable =D

Tue, October 9th, 2012 9:49pm


:D Thanks!

Mon, April 1st, 2013 11:29am


Oh my God... I may be against the consensus here but I HATE Tate and Ruth! How selfish and scheming of them!

Love the story though! It was amazing and well-written. I just can't get over how scummy Tate is for not simply calling it off and thinking all of those terrible thigns. What a coward, he was.

He and Ruth deserve each other, and not in a good way. Lol

Fri, April 26th, 2013 6:19pm


Saaame! Yes, people tend to do the craziest things when they're "in love" Thank you! :) I know right! I honestly don't know why I didn't think of that but I guess that's how some males are (reason why I'm single) Haha, yep I know! Ruth's sadistic for going against her friend's back! You totally get me!

Sat, April 27th, 2013 1:07am

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