Now or never!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kate's been dying to tell Vicky. About her feelings for him. She's got to do it fast anyway. He's leaving for college soon and the prom is just a week away!
It's Now or never Kate....

My shoes felt like they were glued to the floor because they kept sticking to it as I walked through the priveleged corridors of St. Pandora's Academy. A few students bustled past me without even a second glance. I sighed and looked around. Why would they anyway? I was just one of those 'lowly commoners' from the real world. They were rich, arrogant , perfect. They couldn't care less about a little nobody like me. They didn't know what real life could be like. As children they were showered with expensive toys and glittery outfits every Christmas, Birthday and Easter. As teenagers they were showered with the latest gadgets and well...more glittery outfits.

Thankfully, they were too posh to make fun of a person like me. A 'scholarship girl'.Of course not all of them were like that. I was friends with a certain someone who was nothing like those posh snobs who had just walked past me.

'Kate!' Someone called across the corridor and my scalp prickled. I looked at my refelection on one of the lockers. My make-up was okay. My hair was slightly tangled but not as limp as it was yesterday. I turned around flashing Vicky a dazzling smile. He looked very sophisticated in his neatly tucked up school shirt and squeaky clean expensive Italian shoes.

'Hey Vicky' I grinned at him foolishy. Yes, there you go. My one-of-a-kind friend. I remembered the first day I walked through these corridors with people glowering at me looking down with disgust and disrespect. But then I had bumped into him.

'Hello there! I'm Victor Kingsley! You must be the new girl here? You seem I'll tour you around the school since I am the school monitor' He had flashed me a toothy smile and from that moment on I knew he was the one for me. Not only because of his exquisitely striking good-looks but also his kind-nature and good sense of humour.

'I think it's time for you to go to're pretty late today but oh well' Vicky snapped me out of my littleday dream and I nodded at him. He was on monitor-duty again. I sighed and walked away from him waving slowly. What was I thinking? I bet the only reason he even was friends with me was because he was only sorry for me. Why would he EVER have the same feelings I had for him?

I glanced at a few eye-catching posters that were oh-so familar to me. One was about some dumb horse-riding lessons which obviously I couldn't afford. And there were some singing auditions. I smirked to myself at the poster. I couldn't sing to save my life. Then there was this familar poster pinned up on the notice board which I always crossed upon in every single classroom and corridor. It stung me like a bee and it kept reminding me about Vicky.

The seniors are graduating!

So we are holding a special prom just for them.

Have you got a date?

If not then better hurry up! Tick-tock tick-tock! If you've been crushing on one of the seniors lately you've got to ask them out

It's Now or Never !!!

'Now or never' I breathed in silently and walked away from the poster. Vicky was a senior...and I was not. He'd be graduating to college and I hadn't even asked him out to the prom. My eyes watered. Even if I DID ask him out and even if he DID go to the prom with me (which was obviously never ever going to happen, not even in my dreams!) he'd probably go off with one of the hot babes in college. I wasn't the only girl in his life right? Besides, I wasn't even that pretty.

I reached my form room just in time for the register.

Mr. Hilgurry tutted at me for being late but let me off with a warning. I sat down next to Rayleigh probably the richest girl in the whole school. She had her jet black hair tied into a perfect pony-tail with not even a single strand sticking out (unlike mine). Her lips were a peculiar shade of pink and her long nails were painted a bright yellow. She smirked at my messy look but I stuck my chin out hopefully. Rayleigh was rich and had a great sense of fashion...but unfortunately she wasn't a looker at all. Her eyes were big and looked like they would pop out immediately and even with a slender eerily thin body like that she still had scabs on her knees and they buckled while she walked. Don't even get me started on her teeth.

They were pearly white but they stuck out so she looked like a bunny rabbit with fish eyes.

Vicky would never go out with her....would he?

On the other hand, Nico the girl sitting behind me was a total hottie. She had black hair like Rayleigh and it was naturally straight with a few dark highlights on it. She had large almond eyes and a fantastic figure. She was also the nicest girl I knew. She wasn't on scholarship but like Vicky she had one heck of a big heart. I winced as I thought about how much they had in common.

Both were smart, hot, warm-hearted and totally popular.

They made a perfect couple but thankfully Nico was currently going out with Bill another boy so I guess I still had a chance to win a place in Vicky's very big heart.

Finally after what felt like a lifetime the bell rang for morning classes. Maybe, just maybe Vicky could come across me and I could ask him out to the prom?

Unfortunately as I walked to my history class I couldn't find Vicky so there went my first chance of asking him out.Two more to go.

We setlled down for History and I smiled at Nico who sat next to me. As we started writing our essays on ' The Black Death' Nico bent over and whispered to me 'So when are you going to tell him?' I looked up at her raising my eyebrows. She gave me a look so I sighed giving in. Was it THAT obvious to everyone that I liked Vicky? I gulped, was it obvious to him yet he acted normal?

'I I s'pose' I whispered back shrugging. I scribbled on pretending to be intrested in my work when Mrs. Duff walked across my desk shooting Nico a watchful eye.

'Well you better hurry up Kitten' Nico spoke with a lowered voice. She had nicknamed me Kitten as a joke so I didn't raise my eyebrows when she called me that.


'Cos' tomorrow is Graduation day so we have a day off school and Vicky will be at school. Then the day after is Saturday and then Sunday in which obviously you have a job on weekends so you can't meet him then. And Monday...whole day off school then the prom in the evening' She shot me a 'duh' look.


'Exactly so better hurry up. It's Now or Never 'kay?' Nico advised me.

'Now or never' I muttered.

We had a few more classes then finally we had lunch break. My stomach was twisted in knots as I walked outside the maths classroom where Vicky was waiting for me. I smiled at him acting totally calm and composed but my heart was hammering against my chest.

Now or never.

Now or never.

Now or never.

'So it's Graduation day tomorrow' I finally managed to croak.

Vicky nodded.

'So's Graduation day tomorrow right?' I spoke my mouth feeling dry.

'You said it twice' Vicky told me.


'Sorry' I grinned at him and he grinned back. We reached the pavillion to get some snacks. Vicky leaned against the wall as we waited in the very long queue.

'Plus we've..we've got prom...And I...I need a da-' Vicky stopped and looked away. I blushed furiously.Now or never

Nico's voice and the letters in the poster flashed into my mind so I looked at Vicky bravely.

'I've..I've always...Ilikeyou' I said it so fast that Vicky had to ask me what I had just said again.

'I...I've always..always' This time Vicky laughed so a huge tear welled into my eye.

'I'm sorry...I know...I'm such a...such a frigging would never like a poor stupid girl like me but one thing is for sure...I really...really like you' I looked at him straight in the face feeling hot and sticky. Not exactly the moment I had imagined for a whole year. He pushed his hair back laughing. I stood there feeling humiliated. Why was Vicky laughing? Now everyone had their eyes on us and I hung my head down.I guess Vicky was just like one of them. Here he was laughing at me.

'I...I'm sorry...there's something on your t-shirt' He wiped his tears and pointed to my polo shirt and I looked down. He suddenly bent down and our lips touched. He wrapped his arms around me and the whole world seemed to disappear. I could hear nothing but my heart beating slowly. Vicky pulled away and got on his knees and held his hand out to me. I blushed.

'Kate Williams...' He said 'Will you do the honourof being my date to the senior prom next week' I smiled at him my tears falling down. Not tears of humiliation or anger...tears of joy...and happiness.

'Yes! Yes yes yes yes!' I shrieked smiling, my cheeks very red.

He got back to his feet and kissed me again and this time everyone cheered.

'I love you' I whispered to him. 'I love you more' He smiled and hugged.

I looked over to see Nico smiling proudly at me. She gave me a thumbs up and walked away out of sight.

Submitted: April 28, 2012

© Copyright 2021 KatzieWhatziz. All rights reserved.

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Oh..this is really good! Is she dreaming, or did it really happen? It just seems like everything with Vic happened so fast! Keep me updated please!

Sun, April 29th, 2012 2:03am


Ermm...she's not dreaming...yeah everything happened so fast it's true but it's a short story so...yeah :-) I'm so glad you took your time to read this! I'll let you into a secret... this story is actually based on a true life where a very close friend of mine got rejected by someone she really liked so I kind of twisted the story around :-)

Sun, April 29th, 2012 12:32am

Mikey CD

man, no offense, but it took her long enough. pls tell me if u hav more! =D

Wed, August 8th, 2012 1:17pm


I know right! x0 I will, Mikester!

Tue, April 2nd, 2013 12:51am


Bees Knees!

Sat, September 29th, 2012 11:36pm



Tue, April 2nd, 2013 12:40am

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