Rose Petals

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When someone dies you cannot bring them back it the same thing with love as well?

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




~Rose Petals~

"I think I love you," Rose whispered, running her fingers through Henry's silk locks of blonde hair. His blue eyes twinkled happily, "I think I love you too." Their lips touched and Rose melted in to his strong arms. She couldn't have felt happier, Henry's touch, Henry's taste, Henry's everything was all enough to for her. This is what she wanted. This is all she had ever wanted. Rose let her hand slide from his neck to his chest, she could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat, steady and strong. Suddenly, she felt a wetness spread through it and on to her hand. She let go of Henry and looked at the red that stained her fingers....and Henry's t-shirt. Rose let out a scream so piercing, it would have made you deaf. Henry stood still, the blood stretching all around his shirt until it was completely covered.

"Henry!" She shrieked, her chest heaving with pain. Darkness was slowly surrounding her. "Henry don't leave me! HENRY!" Black.

Rose gasped as her eyes shot wide open. Her face was drenched in cold sweat and she was trembling, still in shock. Rose sighed and placed a weary hand on her chest. This was a recurring dream, one that didn't seem to let go even after months of therapy and pills. It happened every single night, you'd think Rose would be used to it by now.

But she never was. It was always frightening, always shocking, always painful.She slid out of her sticky blanket and towards the bathroom. Rose couldn't take this anymore, the dream was taking her life away from her. Slowly but surely.

Half of her friends had stopped phoning her, stopped inviting her over to tea or shopping. Rose couldn't exactly put why. It wasn't all the dream's fault. Maybe it was her sudden seizures or possibly the quiet staring that sometimes took over her.

They weren't real friends anyway, Rose thought gloomily as she started brushing her teeth, Always asking for money, cheap bastards.

After washing her face up Rose looked closely at her reflection in the old mirror. It looked peaky and a permanent sadness glinted in her emerald green eyes. The eyes that once bore no troubles.

Her redish-ginger hair was slightly frayed in the edges because of the lack of shampooing she did. Rose couldn't really bother making her hair look good if she hardly went anywhere. Infact, she really couldn't be bothered with anything.

She hadn't went to work for nearly 3 months now. And just last week, she got a letter saying if she didn't go back to work within 2 more weeks, she'd get the boot.

Rose flopped back under her messy duvet and sighed. The apartment was eerily silent, Donny, her Labrador had been taken back to the Animal Home after they found out she wasn't feeding him properly. Danielle, one of her 'true' friends, had said that it wasn't Rose's fault.

She was going through a lot and taking care of a pup was out of the question. Rose needed some time alone. To let it all out.

Danielle was right. It was great not having a flock of people surrounding you, telling you to stop crying and annoy you. Rose had cried a lot. So much that when she tried wracking out in to a hysterical sob now, all she got was a tiny whimper. Her eyes had long since run out of tears.

Rose's mum had made a point of calling fifteen times during the last few months but now even she didn't bother anymore. Rose was pretty much a dead person to them all. Sometimes Rose thought she was dead to herself too.

This grieving girl was nothing like the other bubbly one at all. Nothing like her.

Wiping her dry lips, Rose made herself get out of the sheets. She felt rather different today. Still horribly sad and hurting but...she had found some strength to at least get out for a bit of shopping...and maybe some food.

Rose looked extremely thin, her ribs stuck out of her pyjamas and her hands were almost stick-like. Almost. She wouldn't let herself waste away. She needed a new life. Fresh start. Clean slate. Today was officially "Me" day. Not Danielle or her mum or Donny.

Just Rose Day.

She had a long bath, the longest one she'd had in months and dressed in her flowery summer dress. The one with the laces. Rose had bought this one in particular had bought this for her she wouldn't have to think about memories too much.

She pinned her hair in to a Victorian bun. Rose knew if she had to pick an era to live in it would most definitely be the Victorian one. It suited her and Vintage was definitely her style.

Slapping on some lipstick and a few shades of mascara, she was ready to go out and explore. She got her purse which was bulging with a month's-worth shopping money and her credit cards. Rose reached out to her study desk to get her apartment keys when she spotted a small dry petal on the floor.

She bent down and touched it. Rose tried to get up, tried to get out of there but she was paralysed. That feeling was coming back again...that feeling of utter devestation. The petal was from...from...

A Rose. She could feel herself getting dizzy, her thoughts were spinning and she could feel her body going numb.

"These are for you," Henry placed a beautiful bouquet of pink roses on the study table. Rose squealed and picked them up. She sniffed them and smiled happily. "Oh, Henry...thank you! Thank you, oh I love you!" With the roses still carefully tucked in her hand, she reached out and affectionately pecked Henry on the lips. He chuckled and his minty breath tickled her ear. "Thought you'd like them. Roses for my beautiful Rose."

Rose tried not to react to the flashback. Tried to make it disappear from her mind forever. But she couldn't and she knew a hundred years of intense therapy would never get thoughts of Henry out of her mind. Never. Never.


She looked across the room where there were several other rose petals lying on the floor. They were all dead but the smell of roses still lingered in this room. No wonder she hadn't been in the study room for months. It reminded her too much about her past. Too much about her Henry.

"My Henry" She whispered. It felt weird saying his name out loud after so many months. It almost sounded unfamiliar to her lips. Hen-ry. Two syllables. Beautiful name, Rose thought.

She stood up. Somehow saying his name gave her a little glimmer of hope, which most people would find ironic. Shaking her head she walked away from the study and out the door of her apartment.

"Fresh start, clean slate" She muttered turning the key to the lock.


Three Years Later~

"Henry, you naughty boy." Rose tickled her baby son's chin and he cackled happily, splashing about in the water. Rose smiled and kissed the top of his head. He was such a beautiful child. Pretty wisps of blonde hair and massive blue eyes. He'd certainly be a handsome young man when he was grown-up.

"Makes me wonder how I'm going to handle all of your girlfriends," Rose tutted and lifted him out of the bubble bath. Henry gave a small moan of disapproval but gurgled happily as Rose handed him his pacifier.

She wiped his body with a towel and wrapped it around him. "Come on bubba," She said taking him towards the bright, blue nursery. Rose placed him down on the carpet and started to dress him in to his favourite Tatty-Teddy pyjamas. After getting dressed, she led him downstairs to where Robert was preparing roast turkey for dinner.

"Done honey?" Robert called, poking his sweaty head out of the kitchen door. "Yes, Henry's nice and clean for dinner now." Rose smiled at her husband and he winked at her.

"Great stuff,"

Rose settled down on the sofa and watched Henry play around with his fat little fingers. Strange to think just three years ago she was such a mess. Who would've thought just one trip out would lead her to a happier life? To meeting Robert? To having this gorgeous little boy?

A family?

She'd met Robert in a resturant. He was a clumsy waiter, just waiting to be promoted to head-chef. They'd met over him spilling wine all over the dress she was wearing.

They clicked.

They met up sometime, had dinners and great fun. It wasn't long before Robert asked Rose to marry him. She turned him down and several other 'no's' followed. Then one day she decided she was truly prepared to tie the knot and finally said yes.

It all went uphill from there, Rose got a better job as an accountant and Robert's hard work paid off and now he was one of the best chefs' in town. They were a rich couple with a gorgeous baby boy. What more could Rose possibly ask for now?

Of course it wasn't all happily ever after the moment they said their vows. Infact the first few weeks of the marriage had frankly been quite disastrous. Rose would find herself waking up, screaming that she'd betrayed Henry and that the marriage was a mistake. Robert (being Robert) put up with it. He'd wrap his arms around his weary wife and rock her till she calmed down.

He never asked her who Henry was, or how their marriage had anything to do with him. Rose liked that about him. He wasn't nosy, he was patient. She to this day knew they were one of his traits that made her fall in love with him. Soon enough she felt that she could trust him with who Henry was. She knew Robert wouldn't be jealous or angry or irritated.

"He was...he was my boyfriend," Rose had sniffed and looked in to Robert's grey eyes. "He was everything to me and..." Her voice faltered and she could almost feel hysteria bubbling in her throat. Robert took her hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

"You don't have to tell me, you know."

"But I will, because you have every right to know. And...I feel like..I have to tell you after all the pain you put up with." A tear fell out of Rose's eye, "Henry and ...I we met in college, we were in love and...w-we got an apartment. Everything was great and he got me these roses...these beautiful roses..."

She started crying. "Henry and I were going out to celebrate...after he bought me the roses...because it was our five year anniversary...."

Robert said nothing. Rose wiped the tears that were furiously spilling out of her eyes, "Then...t-then our...o-our car crashed...we were died, Robert. And the last thing we did was-"

She broke down and Robert sighed. He put his arms around and whispered soothing words softly. "It''s alright Rose. It's going to be alright."

And it did. Rose would never forget Henry but Robert had helped her get over the crash. Yes, she sometimes did feel remorse but now so many things had changed in her life there was no going back. She loved Robert now.

Robert entered the room, his hair sticking all over the place. "You ready bubba? Is my big boy ready?" He cooed clapping his hands at baby Henry. Henry blew raspberries at him and Robert laughed.

"Our boy's a cheeky one, this." Robert sat next to Henry and smiled at Rose. "I love you, you know that?" He whispered, reaching out to tuck a stray hair under her hair. Rose felt butterflies escape her stomach.

"I love you too. More than you will ever know," Rose leaned in and kissed Robert. He grinned, "Enough with the mush. It's time to eat my Rose Petal."

"Great," Rose clapped her hands together, "I'm starving."

~The End~

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