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It was at a youth gathering i had been out of town and wasnt suppost to be back 'till friday.He was 13 and i was 11 and people said we shouldnt be dating.A friend of mine's older sister liked him,be hated her. She grabbed his arm and said,"come on mathew why dont you like me?Ditch that brat kavrena and date me!""No madissa i dont like you i like kavrena so back off!!"he growled.She clutched his arm tighter and said,"I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING POSSABLE TO MAKE YOU LIKE ME.WHY DONT YOU LIKE ME?"Mathew was angry too angry.So he yelled,"BECAUSE YOUR A F!@?#'N B%*^@!! THATS WHY MADISSA OK SO LEAVE ME AND KAVRENA ALONE," She let go and ran away crying she saw me at the door pushed me aside and ran to her car.Mathew saw me and he kissed and hugged me.I looked into his hazel eyes and said," thankyou for loving me." :} chapter one

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