Never Ending Changes

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Every day, we change...

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



Diferent life, diferent style
same place, diferent me
one day I'll taste,
I'll taste the new life
The one about to come

I don't complain about it,
but sometimes I want it,
another life, another style,
same place, diferent me,

This ain't so bad,
It's just sad,
what am I become,
what am I,
I'm just a kid playing,
playing to be an adult,
I'm just a kid,
just a kid acting like and adult

What should I do,
in a case like this,
what can do,
with someone like me,

Sometimes I want to be free,
then I know,
that I don't want to be free,
I love my life
I hate my position,

Sometimes I want to grow-up,
sometimes I don't,
I love my age,
I hate my position.

This is me playing
this is me trying to be diferent,
this is me failing,
this is me, waking up,
this is me,
I'm a teenager becoming an adult,
This is me,
I'm saying hi
to my new life...

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