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these are just a couple stories that will be put on the idea shelve. if there is one in particular you'd prefer from these selections, please leave a comment below. if you have an idea for your own but you don't want to write it, message me and we'll see how it goes.

Submitted: December 09, 2015

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Submitted: December 08, 2015




When a tragic storm crashes Alexander’s ship, he is washed ashore to an island that only has one house. The residence of the home is a young girl who gives him shelter, but on this island, it never stops raining, and mysterious people warn him of the troubles this island causes.

Das Mädchen, Ich Wusste:

Felix is a troubled boy who ran away from his hometown, Leverkusen, to start a new life. But when his childhood friend passes away, he returns to find the daughter of hers he never knew about.


Corey Henson is a shy guy, even in his high school experience. But now, he teaches at the same school. The only thing to light his way is an old crush from high school, Uriah Fletcher.


Kyle is an outcast, and only spends his days on the internet, speaking with people he believes cares. When stumbling across a girl in a chatroom named, Cora, he is immediately in love with her personality. But upon further research, he finds out that the girl doesn’t exist, in fact, she’s been dead for ten years.

The Masquerade:

Everyone is invited to the ball of Princess Camille, and it’s there she’s out to find her love. Jaq attends, in plan for a getaway. And when the two meet, it’s a sci-fi version of everyone’s beloved Shakespeare classic.

Summer’s Rein:

Auridon, a dragon of the summer has been banished to Lake Navi. Each year, on the first day of summer, he is free from the waters, bringing the vibrancy of the summer. But when a little girl starts meeting him every day, he questions whether summer is important enough for him to leave her.


The Lord and the Lure:

Haden has everything he wanted, but he refuses them all. Instead, he covers himself in mystery and darkness. Stephanie is a wild spirited girl that is often scolded for her disobedience. When Haden catches eye of her, he decides that he shall have her heart, but it’s harder than it looks. A modern take of Hades and Persephone. 

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