Somewhere: Part 1

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Due to the disgust of war and greed, twelve members have created a city within a wall to protect those who despise war. Quincey is a curious young girl, who wonders what lies on the other side. When she comes into the middle of a conflict, her and a girl from her city, Nanette, are pushed into the world they have both long forgotten. A story to survive in a world where conflict and war still exist.

Dear Reader,
This is a story, like the world Quincey lives in, that was long forgotten. But, if you guys would like to see more of this story, I will be gladly to try and finish it. Also, keep an eye out for my other story, Vera, coming soon.

The dreams were always the same to her. She was running; running far away from the walls that separated her from the real world. The real world was full of trees and colors that never existed in the walls. She would run as fast as her legs could carry, and then something in the distance. A male figure coming towards her. She wasn't afraid of the figure, because he spoke words that echoed in every dream she had. "Let's go elsewhere." This place seemed serene though she knew it never existed. The man disappeared, waiting for her to follow him to elsewhere. Quincey woke up at midnight. 

All the other girls in the church were sound asleep while Quincey tiptoed outside the room. Hopefully, Mother Agnes wasn't awake for her midnight prayer. But the church was quiet with no sign of life stirring. Quincey walked outside; maybe some fresh air would help. The church was in the middle of the city, but it was surrounded by suburban houses, apartments, and one orphanage. She used to live in the old Victorian style houses, with her sister and parents. Of course, that was a long time ago. 
"Quincey?" It was Cynthia.
Cynthia was a petite girl that was a few years younger than Quincey. Her pale skin and blonde hair shimmered in the dim moonlight. She was Quincey's opposite in everything, but they were sisters in the church. 
"What are you doing out here? If Mother Agnes catches you-"
"I know the rules, Cynthia."
Unlike Cynthia, who followed every rule; Quincey broke most of them. The teachers at school called her a lost cause and that she should've been caster out or even executed like her parents. The only good child was her sister Anastasia, who had fallen ill and placed in intensive care. Quincey picked up Cynthia, placing her on her hip. The child rubbed her tired eyes, yawning.
"The moon is full tonight, Cyn. That means wolves will be out tonight."
Of course, neither one of them has seen a wolf. Quincey has only heard they're beautiful howling from outside the walls that contain her world. Quincey carried Cynthia back to the sleeping corridors, and as the door closed, she heard a strange howl. It was strange because it sounded as if a human were trying to imitate their beauty yet failing. She went back to sleep and the dream reappeared, but instead of the man, it was a wolf, leading her to freedom.

The next morning, Quincey was walking with Catherine, a family friend that lived in the orphanage. Catherine was Quincey's redhead companion. Her Irish roots were too flamboyant for the dark clothes that their school assigned her. Her green eyes were vibrant and full of life as she flashed her wicked smile. "Did you hear them last night? My, they were singing such a beautiful melody." Catherine was obsessed with the wolves that ran outside the wolves. Like Quincey, Catherine secretly wanted to be on the outside, but she eventually accepted that her life will remain within these walls. 
The school was on the edge of the city, only a mile from the walls. It was a big castle that must've stood here even before the walls. Quincey always wondered if she could peek over the walls on the roof just enough to see what lies beyond. Of course, all of her classes were on the bottom floor, nowhere near the roof. Her classes were a dull routine, which usually consisted of passing notes on how cute they think Aries is and then getting glares from Nanette when their giggles were too loud to contain. After class, Bernard met up with them. Bernard was a decent looking guy, just misunderstood. He never got along with other guys, so he kept his group of friends small, only consisting of Quincey and Catherine. 
"You'll never guess what I saw last night!" Bernard said his brown eyes soft and excited.
"If it's Nanette Tempish's naked body, we're not interested," Catherine said, knowing his crush on Nanette was most of his conversations. It aggravated her not only because she didn't like Nanette, but also because Catherine had developed a small crush on Bernard, though she hid it most of the time. He was more of a brother to Quincey, so she never understood either of their feelings. Now that she thought about it, Quincey never really liked anyone, well maybe Aries, but that was a fairy tale never to come true. 
"So, Quincey," Catherine said, "Want to head down to Roy's." Roy's was a diner that stood for red, orange, and yellow. They often hung out there after school, but Quincey declined.
"Sorry, I have to go somewhere." 
Quincey left them with no explanation of where she needed to be. In fact, none of her friends knew where she was going, and she liked that. It was one secret she was allowed to keep in this city.
The clinic was big, full of rooms that held secrets behind each door. And behind room 606, was Quincey's secret. Anastasia sat near the glass window that rose just above the walls. Quincey's favorite place to be.
"You haven't visited in a while," Anastasia said, staring blankly outside, “I thought you've forgotten me." 
"Of course not, how could I ever. It's just harder to come here and visit like I'd want. Mother Agnes is being impossible."
Anastasia smirked, knowing that her sister was always a troublesome child. The nine minutes apart didn't matter to them, they were sisters and they needed each other more than ever. The room that Anastasia has been placed in doesn't suit her. Too many bland colors for such a vibrant girl. Quincey sat on Anastasia's bed, skimming through the books that her sister has already read. She'd have to go and collect some more because Anastasia has already read all of her books at least twice. Anastasia placed her hand on the glass window. 
"Did you hear them last night? They're quite beautiful creatures."
Anastasia was granted many luxuries. Her dying wish was to be as close to the outside world as humanly possible. The staff was thinking of putting a balcony outside her window, but they're afraid she mind jump off in attempted suicide. Anastasia's long auburn hair that resembled Quincey's was starting to fade. Her sister was beautiful, but her illness had aged her beyond years that made her look like a grandmother. Quincey stood beside her sister, braiding her try hair as she peeked over her shoulder to admire the forest that hid the walls from the rest of the world. Down between the trees she could see small grey dots moving along. She gasped and Anastasia nodded as if to answer an unspoken question.
"Timber wolves, they're quite beautiful aren't they."
Anastasia was much like their mother. Humble and elegant in a way that made them wise beyond their years. Quincey, on the other hand, was more like their father, who had been known as a troublemaker as he grew up. Even as an adult, he was still causing trouble. It wasn't until he met their mother, Penelope, that he became a good natured husband and father. Quincey noticed the book with leather binding lying in her sister's lap. 
"What's that?"
Anastasia smiled, "It's a photo album. People put pictures in them and keep them for memories." 
Anastasia held it out for Quincey, who took it with wide curious eyes. She opened the book to find a picture of two girls, identical from everything except their different colored matching outfits. Quincey remembered that dress she wore years ago, when her parents were still alive and they'd attend church every other week. She flipped a page to see more pictures of her parents and of Quincey and Anastasia when they were toddlers. It's been ten years since they've passed. Tomorrow would be the anniversary of their and the twin's sixteenth birthday. Anastasia wiped a tear off Quincey's cheek that had gone undetected. It hurt to remember that there was a life before the church, before the illness that had taken her sister's youth. She wishes that she could have those days back.
Quincey left her sister in the room that would forever be her home. On the other side of town, lied a secret she'd also like to keep. Jack himself wasn't a secret, but her friendship with him was. They'd talk while he was working, which he only tended to older people who didn't care much for e rules themselves. Everyone loved Quincey. They enjoyed her temper and her mischievous ways. She reminded them of their youth of being a normal person outside the walls. But, like Catherine, they have grown use to their constant rules and regulation. 
"Quincey, can you wipe down the counter?" Jack asked.
Quincey nodded, taking the damp rag across the wooden counter. She was almost done when someone burst through the door. 
"It's the Counts, they're coming!" 
This was the alarm that the three head councilmen were coming to inspect the tavern. Jack huffed, grabbing Quincey's arm tightly and lifting up a trap door that she never noticed was there.
"Go inside, quickly."
And without protest, Quincey was shoved in a dark hole. It was cold, despite the warmth that the tavern promised. The only light was emitting from a small opening at the end of the tunnel. Quincey, wild with curiosity and adrenaline, started down the path. She could feel creatures wiggle under her touch as she felt around the walls. They were made of dirt, and that's what seemed to surround her. At the end of the path, a rope dangled down from what looked like a cobblestone bowl. Quincey's leather shoes were soaked from the water that pooled at her feet. Quincey tugged at the rope lightly, the grabbing it with both hands, she climbed up the stone wall. What she saw on the other side amazed her.
On the other side, a cool breeze whistled, sending chills up Quincey's spine. Crickets that had faintly sang to her at night from over the walls, now played their symphony. Trees surrounded her and reached tall, competing with each other to see which one can be taller than the stone wall. Fluffy creatures in grey and white scurried around, but Quincey only knew of them in books. And between an array of trees, an opened path lead to what sounded like babbling. Quincey started down the path, hearing the grass beneath her feet shift from the weight. Quincey was on the outside! She smiled, lying amongst the plants and critters. All those years of wondering what was beyond, and finally knowing what was there. It was so peaceful, and serene. How could the city keep us from such beautiful creations? She inhaled, smelling the fresh lilacs that grew nearby. Then, a noise startled her.
It was a noise she didn't think a wolf could make. It wasn't their beautiful howling that she'd hear at night. This time, it was a startling snarl that pumped fear into her veins. There were many wolves, all growling and baring yellow sharp teeth. Their yellow eyes said only one thing. Kill. This was it, Quincey's first glimpse of freedom, and she was to die because of it. She closed her eyes, knowing that she'd be ripped to shreds. At least her death wasn't in the hands of the council. She breathed heavily, her heart pounding. And as the first wolf lunged towards her, she allowed herself to say one last goodbye. And then, a bark of pain. Quincey opened her eyes to see the wolf lying on the ground. Blood gushed from the wound that housed a wooden stick. Gurgles erupted through its muzzle as it tried to breathe.
The boy stood tall, his body thicker than the boys that lived within the walls. His skin was darker, too; complimenting his black hair. He was beautiful, in a way that was primal and wild. Quincey didn’t fear the boy, because he had whispered in her dreams before. His eyes averted to his. Odd, because his eyes were bright compared to his darker complexion.
“You…saved me,” she managed to utter.
“You shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous for someone like you.”
Quincey looked at him. Yes, this was very dangerous. For not just herself, but for the man who saved her, and for Jack, who had expected her not to travel far from the trap door. She looked back at the walls. On this side, vines had explored their way up the cobblestone. That was her world, but strangely enough, she wanted to be a part of this man’s world. This man, who she didn’t even know his name, she wanted this world to be hers, as well. But, before she could refuse, he had picked her up and pushed her down the dark hole again. She didn’t land in the puddle that had soaked her shoes, but in the arms of a stranger, or so she thought. She could hear a soft, “Thank you,” and recognized Jack’s voice immediately. She didn’t want to open her eyes again. Quincey curled against Jack’s chest, his heart beating in her ears. She didn’t care where he took her, because she didn’t want to be in the walls. She had her taste of freedom, and she craved it. It was dangerous, but danger is what she wanted. The constant rules had become a dull life that consisted of nothing but school, church, and cobblestone walls. Some days, she wanted her death; maybe it would be better than being a captive. But, on other days, she just slept, dreaming of the outside. And it was real, and she wanted to be a part of it.

Submitted: December 01, 2015

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Amanda Stein

Quincy is an interesting yet obviously troubled character. Interested to learn more of this aging disease and what else has doomed their world from the other worlds. Only concern is that you introduce a lot of characters and their backgrounds right off and it tends to become confusing. Maybe better to slowly introduce new characters chapter by chapter if you decide to continue. Overall an excellent start.

Fri, December 4th, 2015 6:30am

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