Pieces of Time

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who can you trust? who is the good guy? you never know...
a girl is blackmailed by someone she loves...but is she the bad guy?

Submitted: September 12, 2013

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Submitted: September 12, 2013



*Ding dong!*

I hear the doorbell ring and ran from my room to answer it because I thought it was Will, the hottest guy from St. Martin’s high school coming over to ask me out but to my disappointment it wasn’t. I looked north, south, east and west and saw no one only a white envelope on the welcome mat I frantically opened it hoping it was an invite to the summer dance from Will but it wasn’t, there was a note saying

Dear Ann,

Go to the parks fountain look under the statue…


I was shaking in my boots because it was addressed to me

“Stupid pranks” I said, threw the paper away and proceeded to school.

Exactly a week after at the same exact time another note came. It read

Dear Ann,

DO IT, your life and family’s depend on it.


I stood there, motionless for about 20 minute just contemplating the situation and decided to go visit the park with my three year baby sister. While there I discretely went to the fount and gently rose the little dolphin statue up and found two envelopes I ran, picked up my sister, ran home and locked myself in my room and just paced back and forth after I picked up the phone and called Amanda my best friend and agreed with my conscience not to think about it till Amanda got here.

When Amanda finally arrived she suggested we open the envelopes and see what’s inside the first one was another note

Dear Ann,

I see you listened, very well. Take the other envelop to Winchester Street to a shop called “New Antiques” give it to a man named Kevin.



“Who is this doing this to me and why?”

Amanda ripped open the envelope the saw a chip inside, a microchip; we were confused as a teenager in math class. A million questions raced through our minds and we agreed that we had no other choice but to submit ourselves to his plan because well my life and my family’s depended on it.  The next Saturday we took a road trip to Winchester Street which was 100 miles away from my home, we safely arrived and did our task at hand and another envelope was handed to me and I was told to keep it.

“What is this?” I asked Kevin.

He looked at me with a blank expression. I walked outside with it clutched in my hand and sat on the bench, I just needed a moment to breath to think, I was a straight A student, never cut class, never drank alcohol….then why was this happening to me?

“What if its drugs?” asked Ashley “We should go to the police”

I protested for a while then I readily agreed, her argument was very persuasive. At the police station the nice, co-operative  police officers helped as much as they could they took  my number and told me to call if any other activity happened. Exhausted from my journey I just wanted to go home and crash on my queen size bed. I was welcomed home by the sounds of sobs and not to long after found out that my baby sister had been kidnapped she was last seen in the back yard with my mother while she was pruning her  shrubs. That night while hot tears rolled down my cheeks a bird entered my window with a white envelope I took it, ripped it and threw it in a corner.

“You took my sister, I hate you do you think you can just come and ruin my life?” I spoke to it like a human being.

The next morning as I awoke to the sounds of the garbage truck I saw the ripped piece of paper with my blond hair sticking up and rubbing one eye I picked it up and read…

Dear Ann,

What did I tell you? Didn’t I say don’t involve  cops? Now your sister has to pay for your sins. Take the envelope and carry it to #1104 on the corner of 5th avenue…you have one week to complete everything I say or your sister suffers.

See you soon.

I let out a huge sigh and immediately got dressed and headed for the specific location. For the first time I drove without the radio on I wanted to think.

“How does he know where I live?” “How did he know so quickly that I went to the police?” “Why did he have to take my sister?”

The place was an abandon chalk factory there I found a recorder this time which said

“You are right on time, very good you are a good minion. Take  the briefcase from behind the desk along with the letter carry it to the bell tower at your school for exactly 12 p.m. tonight or your sister loses her hand ”

All the while I could hear my sister screaming in the background and that is what gave me motivation to finish the backbreaking task. At twelve exactly I was standing waiting anxiously then I heard the shuffling of feet…..

Then I saw a shadow….

Then I saw a dark figure…

Then…my jaw dropped…

It was….WILL.

“What the?” I couldn’t speak in complete sentences anymore.

Everything finally fit, how he knew where I lived, how he know how much my family meant to me.

“Ann, thanks for being such a good sport…now give me the brief case and the last envelope”

“Where is my sister you bastard?”  I asked.

“Safe….” He replied.

“I can’t believe I ever fell for you” I told him.

“I liked you too Ann, that’s why they let me chose you”

“What is all of this?”

“well I guess now that it’s all over I can tell you….you just helped me rub one of the biggest banks in the world and this is my cut and that envelope has the code somewhere to open it, I didn’t do this alone though I have a boss who let me to do this to you, they just needed my computer skills”

What Will didn’t know that I was wired the whole time and at that moment police from every angle came rushing in and tackled him, before they carried him out he gave me a quick glance that was so cold I got chills. Only one problem remained…my sister.

By the time the police came looking for me I had vanished and in my place my baby sister. 

I was on a boat to a remote island that I bought less than 24 hours ago…

I thought to myself “I wonder if they’ll catch me I wonder if they’ll know  that I was will’s boss from the beginning that I send him the instructions to blackmail myself to take it look like I’m innocent”

The boat driver announced that we were close to our destination.

“Nothing matters now I’m the riches person on earth and I never have to live my old life again or see any of them except Ashley.”

© Copyright 2017 kay diljOhn. All rights reserved.

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