The End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
love doesn't always come when you want and how you want...
find out how this woman took years to find her true love

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



“The end”

And the story ended but I wished it had more; I was five at the time but already dreaming of my prince charming.

Thirteen years later and I was still looking for him. This was my last summer here till  I went off to college, I sat on my bed holding my childhood story book that my dad used to read to me every night and just thought about my horrible life. Later that day I took a trip to the water park with friends but didn’t put on my bathing suit because I was too self-conscious, there I saw couple everywhere, I locked my gaze at this particular couple because they reminded me of my deceased parents. They looked perfect, she with her blond hair and flat stomach, he with his “cover his eyes” hair and pearly white smile. I sighed and just drowned my sorrows in a triple chocolate ice-cream.

I walked home that evening just to clear my head when suddenly this biker crashed into me, he was so drop dead gorgeous until he opened his mouth

“WATCH IT” he yelled.

I sighed “All the good ones are either married, gay or in books.”

I didn’t even have a best friend’s house to go, or have a shoulder to cry on. I went home and read childhood stories again and again and again.

“College is going to be different” I said to myself at the end of my crappy summer. But, boy, was I wrong I was still the nerd of my class and no one liked me because I dear not go to any of those disgusting parties.

I am now twenty three and still single, I have a few friends or should I say co-workers now who are all married and I’m just here wondering how my life went wrong I always thought that my life would be like the fairy tales I read, up to this day I still sleep with that book every night.

I am now twenty six and I have finally accepted the fact that I would die alone. One night at the end of my lecture, I was furthering my education in literature, I stayed back to have a word with my professor and he suggested that we stopped at his apartment since he was expecting a visitor and had no time to talk and so we went to his apartment.

There to my amazement his guest was his grandson, my professor was at least sixty-nine, and his grandson was only two years older than me. When I saw him it was like I was in a book, fireworks appeared out of nowhere and it was like me and him where the only two people in the room until my professor ruined my day dream, the bastard.

He introduced us to each other and winked at me for some reason, my hands shook as I held it out to him. What was going on with me? How could I fall in love with a stranger? But he was a handsome stranger. We continued to meet since I came up with ever possible reason to visit the professor’s house and on the third visit he asked me to accompany to the nearby Chinese restaurant and we spoke….a lot… about everything. We had so much in common, we both loved pizza, we both loved Shakespeare, we were both single, we both loved long walks along the beach.

Then a thought came to me….is…he…GAY? I prayed over and over for this not to be true and the next time we had some time alone I took advantage of that….

 I mustered up every ounce of strength and asked he freaked a little on me and then I took a huge step and told him how I felt. I told him about the butterflies I get every time he even looks at me, about the chills I get every time out hands accidently met, about how my brain gets to flustered I can’t speak around him, he just stood there and looked at me the whole time, I got nervous and fixed my gaze at the water below me then just walked away.

I went home and cried till my sockets where completely dry I hugged my story book but then threw it away in a corner

“YOU FAILED ME!” I yelled with my voice breaking.

For the next two days I did nothing but wept, that’s how much this boy meant to me, I didn’t know him for very long but I couldn’t shake this feeling.

At the end of the week I heard a knock at the door, I thought it the pizza I ordered but it was him, there he stood with this blue eyes, dark brown hair that covered his eyes a little, with his plaid shirt and black jeans he pushed open the door more came in, put on hand on my waist and one on my cheek and brushed it with his thumb he looked me in the eyes said he felt that same and kissed me, he lifted me off my feet, kissed my neck, carried me to the couch and continued kissing me.

This was the happiest I ever was in all my life, I did have my happy ending but I had to make the first move, not the boy.



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