A Happy Kingdom

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This is about a far away chocolate planet that is invaded by aliens from another planet who are in search for something different.

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016



Once upon a time, there was a kingdom made out of chocolate.  And, there were lots of people living there.  Even the people were made out of chocolate.  Well, let's say the animals were made out of chocolate. And this chocolate kingdom was named Planet Cocoa.  Planet Cocoa had a ruler named King Gogurt whose crown was made out of rich, vanilla chocolate drizzled with soft, warm caramel. 

One day an alien from Planet Pizza came and invaded Planet Cocoa.  He attempted to eat King Gogurt's vanilla crown.  King Gogurt tried to send out his guards, but they were too busy fighting the other aliens that also wanted to eat his crown.  As the king bent over, his crown quickly fell to the ground.  The alien finally got one piece of his chocolate crown.  When he bit into it he asked, "Um um...is this rich vanilla chocolate?"  The king replied yes as he rushed to place his slightly broken crown back onto his head.

The alien tried to eat another piece, but he couldn't because the king was taller than the alien.  The alien measured up only to King Gogurt's knee and could only bite the king's ankle which was made out of dark chocolate.  The alien then went to eat King Gogurt's ankle, but soon realized that he didn't like the taste of dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate was bitter and not very sweet at all.  The alien exclaimed, "Yuck!  This taste like lemons and limes!  How awful!"  King Gogurt proudly replied, "I do not taste bitter.  I taste very, very sweet.  I taste like glazed donuts." 

As the king began to describe himself to the alien, the alien's eyes became wider and wider and his mouth began to water.  Then the alien asked, "Well, what part of you tastes like glazed donuts my majesty?"  The king knew that the alien was addressing him as his majesty because the alien was trying to talk King Gogurt into letting the alien eat him.  But, King Gogurt was very wise and knew the alien was up to no good.  King Gogurt told the alien that his hands were the sweetest parts of his body.  King Gogurt invited the alien to try a piece of his hand.The king lowered and extended both hands gently to the ground so that the alien could reach him.  The king tricked the alien.  Once King Gogurt placed his hands near the ground, the alien jumped into the king's hands, but the king quickly moved his hands out of the way and the alien ended up landing on King Gogurt's throne. 

King Gogurt' grabed the alien's tummy and said, "I've got you now!  If you are going to try to take me, the ruler of Planet Cocoa, then I am going to destroy your ruler of Planet Pizza!"  The alien screamed, "I am the ruler of Planet Pizza!  Please don't destroy me!  I just wanted a piece of chocolate to take back to my planet because all we have are spicy, cheezy, and salty aliens and we need a little sweetness in our planet." 

?"Well, I'll let you have one piece of every chocolate in Planet Cocoa, but you have to promise to never come back and invade our kingdom again," said King Gogurt.

?The alien agreed and swore to the gods of pepperoni that he would never be so evil again as to come back and invade the chocolate kingdom known as Planet Cocoa.


?The next day on Planet Cocoa, the alien came back by himself, but not to invade.  He came back to return the dark chocolate because he remembered he did not like how bitter it tasted.  When he returned it, King Gogurt said, "Okay, I will not tell you this again.  My dark chocolate does not taste bitter!  You have to learn how to appreciate the difference in dark chocolate.  By the way, what is your name alien?"

?The alien replied, "Max....they call me Max."  Max then began to explain how the chocolate he brought back to Planet Pizza was so amazing, that the other aliens wanted to come and visit Planet Cocoa for themselves.  King Gogurt yelled, "I see aliens over there!  Get out of here!  Now!  No more chocolate for you!"  And suddenly, the aliens began to shout, "We want chocolate!  We want chocolate!"  All of the sudden, King Gogurt disappeared into Planet Pizza.  The aliens that were shouting immediatley stopped and asked, "Where is the king that gave us chocolate?"  The ruler of Planet Pizza, Max, said, "You made him disappear.  He told me to never tell you this, but when he gets stressed out he disappears into our planet and home and tries to destroy it."  The aliens all agreed to go back to Planet Pizza just to find their planet destroyed by King Gogurt.  King Gogurt had ripped down all of the pizza posters and house plants.  He also clogged up the sink disposals.  The aliens came together to attack King Gogurt and destroy him with the broken items in their house.  King Gogurt was never found in Planet Pizza or in Planet Cocoa, although he did return to his kingdom after hiding in the dessert for many years. 

?The End

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