the bleeding worrior

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

this short story is about two friends who joined the army together and swore if the new they weren't gonna make it they would die together a tragic ending to a perfect friendship

Its been a year and two months since this war started and for me its been hell, I'm one of those people you call lucky. I've only been hit once and that was in my foot, all my friends have died except Rixon hes been with me all the way but i don't think it will last much longer are side is losing big time and i don't think my luck is going to last much longer my friend has lost his arm and has been shot in the leg, i never leave his side even if I'm told to, if I'm gonna survive this so is he and we will do it together, and before we go on my names patch and this is my story.

Tonight we have planned to run in and bomb them out, and if the plan goes wrong i don't think we will make it to see the morning."you sure you want to do this Rixon i mean your in really bad shape?"he looked worse than i let on but i was really worried about him he can hardly run let alone attack someone who's armed." i can do this patch i'm sure of it" "OK well we are leaving in ten so be ready" "i will" i walked out and toke one last look at my best and oldest friend before i went to get prepared for what was coming over the hill.

We all stood in a long line and toke one long breath before charging to the enemies camp, it felt like years before we reached it but when we did all hell broke lose, there were fist fights and gun fires all around me and before i new it someone was attacking me i flung round and smacked the guy in the face with the end of my gun and shoot two bullets straight into his head and before i could even blink someone els was trying to get me, i kept my feet shoulder distance apart just like we were tort and fired again and again until i was out of bullets. i try'd to keep my breathing steady but it was hard when i was panicking so much i didn't no what to do and before i could think i ran up to a body found a gun half loaded and toke it.

It was all silent there was smoke everywhere and everyone was dead i was running and calling out Rixons name i couldn't see him anywhere and then just out of nowhere a gun went of and then i realized i was bleeding, the pain kicked in fast and i was down on my knees crying in pain and then i heard it a small but bold voice "patch your fine we will get through this just hang on, if i can then you can that's how life has always been for us we do things together so if I'm OK then your OK" i try'd sitting up but it hurt to much the bullet had gone straight through my left shoulder and i was sure it had court the side of my heart i couldn't breath well and everything was black and fuzzy.

"just breath mate I'm right here" i looked around but couldn't see anything. " i can't see were are you" " here can your feel that" i felt a soft touch on my hand and straight away new that was Rixons hand."i don't think I'm gonna make it" "neither mate i was hit pretty bad i have one in my right shoulder and in my chest" i try'd feeling around and then i found him we lent on each other and just relaxed it was over and we had survived it together. " so what happens now do we try to make it back or just take in the last moments we have left" " i think the second option is the best don't you i mean we both new this was going to happen didn't we" he was right we both new we wouldn't make it out alive. " Rixon can you lay me down please i wont to feel the long grass and fell the breeze on me one last time" "sure mate ill lay next to you" we lay there for a long time until i could feel my self fading and then i was gone i was finally at piece.I will never know if Rixon survived his injures or if he died with me but what i do know is that we made it to the end of are battle and got to say good bye. the end :)

Submitted: February 14, 2015

© Copyright 2022 kay wolf fairy. All rights reserved.

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kay wolf fairy

hey please leave any comments you have or advise thanxs

Sun, February 15th, 2015 9:26am

Barry Foster

Very good story!

Sat, April 28th, 2018 5:33pm

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