Don't Hate Me

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This is a piece I wrote in memory of a friend that I met on this day a year ago. He has done so much for me that it is hard to repay him with a mere poem but something is better than nothing. He will probably never read it but the thought of it for myself comforts me.


Submitted: January 14, 2007

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Submitted: January 14, 2007



Torn rose petals soaked in pain

stroke my sensitive fingertips

Cracked mirror jabs my side

and fills this mind with anguish

I know you

Atleast I thought I did

Candles burn with dead flesh aroma

and all my shame has passed from me

Purple ash sprinkles your expression

Calm voices irritate your soul

Many lessons I learned

I appreciated your time

God spoke to my dying heart and mind

and gave them breath to breathe

A need for applause turned my soul to greed

but somehow you will forgive me

Angel will play your flute

while demons play your violen

Cherry blossoms will bless you this time

not make the grief pour your gush

My canopy waits for me today

I can hear my trees sway

Don't hate me for what I do

It isn't meant to be understood my friend

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