Chasing the Ocean Characters

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The Characters for "Chasing the Ocean"

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



Chasing the Ocean Characters


Neela Weatherin Ryker Dermine


The Sea Folk


The dominant species of the Sea Folk. They are the ones in control and on the throne. Their appearance is completely made of different portions of sea animals. Most have no human features. The ones that do are considered anomalies and freaks. The Mer are the most aggressive and warlike of the Folk. They are also the most cunning which makes a powerful combination and has allowed them control in the sea.

alt Queen Cerina





The Selky are the middle race among the Sea Folk. They are human in shape though their bodies imitate certain features of sea animals (ex. skin, fin, tails, etc.) They also do not have the war skills of the Mer or the enchanting skills of the Syren. They have their own unique ability though it has dwindled to a select few that have this special skill. Selkys can sense thing whether it be the mood around them, what is happening near them, or even what might happen in the future. These are only a few examples of what the Selkys can do. Though the Selkys are considered the most insignificant race, they are the most numerous.




The Syren Folk are the enchanters. They are the ones humans have spotted throughout the ages and are what most people think of when the image of a mermaid pops up. They are half human and half fish though they can change for twenty-four hours into a complete human. They also possess a voice that compels humans to do what the singer wants. Syrens are the only folk who can reproduce which is why they are allowed to live. The other two races strongly dislike the Syrens because they are part human and don't consider the Syrens true Sea Folk.

alt The tails of Syrens

altKye (tail - dark blue fading into black)

alt Maria (tail - white fading into gold)

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