Welcome to My Kingdom

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Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011



Welcome to my world! Where everything and anything is possible! Come and enter my world where I reign supreme!


Leave the main road where the bus drops off the local school children. Follow the dirt road that is marked by a colorful mailbox. Once you walk past the crooked weeping willow, you must enter it’s embrace. Before you pass through it to the other side where my kingdom lays, you must decide. For not just anyone can enter my kingdom. First, they must have a key. Secondly, they must need or want entrance into my kingdom. For my kingdom is a kingdom of escapes. It is a place where everyday worries are left behind. Where no earthly problems bother you and you are in control. Where there are no limitations.

My world contains everything. Stroll through the forests. Meet the magical creatures and beings that roam these leafy halls. Converse with them to discover their secrets and learn their culture. Explore towns or ruins and find mysteries or treasures that no one even knows about. If that does not suit your taste, run away to the seas where ships flit across vast distance to distant lands like dragonflies on a lake’s surface. Take to the air above the land and gaze in wonder at the elaborate tapestry below you. Become who you imagine you really are whether it is a lofty princess or common street rat. Adventure will await you at every turn when you so desire it because anything is possible in my realm.

If a quiet escape is what you yearn for, journey to the country. Low rolling hills dazzle in greens that seem too perfect to be real. Lakes dot the land and are perfect for a relaxing time. Peace settles over the place like a snow on a wintery day. Calm will well up inside of you and should accompany you outside of my world. This is one of the many facets of my gem of a realm.

Don’t believe that these are the only options. My realm is unlimited. Dream what you want and there is no chance that my kingdom won’t have it. Search for what you long for and in that journey you will discover more than you can even dream of and you’ll find what you crave and more.  My kingdom is constantly evolving and never lacks for new experiences.

If my kingdom sounds like the perfect solution for you, pass through that doorway. Follow the hallway of trees into the center of my kingdom. A clearing with a single fallen tree is the throne room of my kingdom. Sit on that friendly tree and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Bring the key of the kingdom out. Open it. Leaf through the pages and dive into it. Let your imagination soar, so that you may now finally enter my kingdom of possibilities.

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