dont go..

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its not my best work, but still i tried. please leave me a coment and tell me what you think.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



I remember that day…

The day you went away,

(you) promised to return in what you said

‘would only seem like a day’

I waited by the door,

Replaying the last moment I saw you,

In my head.

Days it had been,

And you had not returned.

I didn’t understand,

The feeling of emptiness sank in my heart.

You promised,

You promised me.

But you had yet to return,

I felt like you had lied to me,

Betrayed me,

Left me…

I was to young to realize

that you had left me

just not willingly.

Now I am older,

Smarter and wiser.

But I still don’t understand why,

Why you had to go.



“Honey, you have to go to bed.” Mommy says.

“No mommy, no!” I scream.

“You can’t stay here, by the door all night,”

She tells me.

“This is no way to live caylee, you can’t do this anymore!”

“I don’t wanna go to bed. I don’t want to!” I wail as I began kicking and screaming as she tries to pick me up to take me to my room.

“He promised, daddy promised!” I scream kicking my way to the floor.

“I know you miss daddy,” she says looking down at me

“But he won’t be back for awhile…”

“Maybe tomorrow.”  She quickly adds.

“Please let me sleep on the couch. Please?” I beg her.

“Caylee halo Mitchell, I told you, NO!”

She says looking at me in a ‘do what I tell you’ way.

“But mommy, please,” I stutter starting to cry.

“pplease let me wait for daddy,”

*flashback ends* 

In the end caylee got to sleep on the couch. But her dad never did return that night. From then on her mom would tell her “maybe he’ll be back tomorrow.” Whenever she would ask, and every night caylee would lie awake in bed, heartbroken, waiting for her dad to return…

*flashback* (5 months later)

“Happy birthday, caylee!” my mom and older sister shout as I enter the kitchen in my white w/ black circles, dress. I smile and peak into the living room hopeful that at any moment my dad would be there saying “happy birthday,” too. My daddy would never miss my birthday!

Just as I become lost in thought there’s a knock on the door. My sister Hailey runs to get it and seconds later I can hear her crying as she screams for my mom, who had just went upstairs to her room to get her camera.  Confused an scared I look slightly around the corner, to see two very tall men with black hair and tan skin. They both wore the same cloths. Suits, I recognized these cloths because I saw my daddy in similar clothing the day before he left. These suits (like my dad’s) had tiny button type things on them and meddles of some sort.

Suddenly there’s a loud bang as my mom quickly runs down the stairs. Not even looking up as she comes down, like she knew who it was and had known they’d be coming. She finally looks up at the men in suits when she’s taking her last few steps down the stairs. She had her camera in her hand and when you looked at her eyes it looked as if she was crying. She runs to Hailey, swinging her arms up she drops her camera and the flash goes off. The two men stand there tall and straight, not moving.

“Where sorry for your loss.” One of the men says to mom.

Loss? I think. What loss? We didn’t lose anything. Just then the man on the left (not the one who talked) holds out his right hand in which he held a piece of paper. He handed this to my mom. Then they both left. Silent..

A few hours later

Mom and Hailey have been acting really strange they won’t tell me anything about earlier and the piece of paper the guy gave my mom said “Trevor Mitchell k.i.a.”  I don’t know what it means though. Mom and Hailey cried for a while then both came back to the kitchen like nothing ever happened. They just went back to singing happy birthday then mommy said “I can’t believe you’re already six!” but whatever that was about I guess I will find out soon. That’s what Hailey told me when mamma went to get my presents.

5 days later.

“Why are we here?” I ask my mom, but she doesn’t answer so I look out the car window curiously. Then I look down at myself. I’m wearing my black dress and short heels. My sister and mom are wearing similar black dresses that go to their knees like mine. Suddenly the car comes to a stop and we get out. I see family and friends and just as I’m wondering what’s going on everyone starts to enter a small building that’s surrounded by flowers. I walk in holding my mom’s hand. We sit down alone with everyone else. I look up and I see a picture of my dad.

“Daddy?” I say aloud as a man starts to talk.

“We are gathered here today,” he starts.

“to not morn, but celebrate the short life of a caring father, husband, son, uncle and friend. I must say over all he was a hero, to his children, his fellow troops, to anyone who knew him.”

People all around me start to cry.

‘we are here today to honor a fallen hero, Trevor drew Mitchell.”

What does he mean? I wonder. Is my dad here? Why are we honoring him? Do I get to see him? My mom grabs my hand and pulls me up. My hand and pulls me up. My sister behind me and everyone else behind her all gathered in a line. We head to the front of the building where there’s a red, blue and white box type thing. I am short so my mom picks me up to see in. as I look in the thing I realize who it is and that’s when I see, I finally see who id been waiting for, my dad. he looked so peaceful so relaxed his eyes were closed, hands folded, and he was wearing a suit. I reach for him holding out my hand. “Daddy?” I say.

“Caylee no!” my mom says, Smacking my hand away.

I ignore her.

“Daddy?!” I say becoming more scared and confused.

My mom puts me down and takes my hand dragging me away as I kick and scream for my dad. This is the moment where I was told what it means to be dead. This was the moment I realized I would never see my daddy again.

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