i love you stilll

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i wrote this when a while after i had broken up with my ex, we did end up getting back togather after i sliped this poem into his locker one day. he told me he "felt the same way." later on a year or so later webroke up but we remain on 'friend' terms. since then i have a new boyfriend whose name is johnny. my ex has however been takeing a break from dating to focous on school and family. hes now more like a best friend to me an i do still like him and i know he still likes me but im with johnny so yeah anyway that is what my poem is about. hope ypu enjoy!

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



what we we went through,

every word you said to me,

every word i said to you,

the hell we put each other through,

washed away and burned

every memorie of "i love you."

however i fail to recal

all the hurtful words i said to you,

because in my mind ive replaced it

with all the things i should have said instead.

i cant change what i siad nor what you said,

i cant change what fate brought us too.

all i know is that i still love you,

i cant change that either though

even if i could i wouldnt

because you can be

a really amazing person.

i regret all the times i said "i hate you"

all the times i told you i never really loved you

none of it was true, but i still said it.

you had hurt me and i wanted you to feel my pain too

when all i really should have done was say "im sorry. i love you"

and maybe if i had

we would still be togather today,

but since fate made us go our sepret ways

im just going to say

what i should have said in the first place

that all this time ive been wasting

thinking about

what we should have been,

what we could have been.

when i just relized what we still can be.


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